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I did not graduate from The University of Melbourne - can i join the Graduate Union?

Yes, of course.

Our membership is of graduates of all universities around the world.

We began over 100 years ago – when UoM was the only university in this state of Victoria in the south-east of Australia. When we became also a graduate-level residential college (no undergraduates) those who came to live at Graduate House to study or lecture/research at a university in Melbourne (and there are many now) had already graduated from another university. Our membership thus opened up to graduates of all universities globally.

What are the benefits of joining The Graduate Union?

To learn more about the benefits of being a Member of this great Association, visit our Benefits page. In short, membership opens up any number of new doors – we really cannot tell you how many though!!

How long does the membership approval process take?

Provided everything checks out, we aim to send out your membership card within ten working days.

Can I stay at Graduate House if I am not a post-graduate student?

Yes, of course! Though we must provide mainly for post-graduate students, we also have in residence Members who are visiting Melbourne and academics and researchers from all over the world.

In 2022, we will be offering accommodation to undergraduate students as well.  Please email admingh@graduatehouse.com.au for more details.

Do I need to submit my degree certificates with my membership application?’

We do need to sight your degree certificate before awarding membership. For more information go to the Join Us page.

As a Member, may I use the library and meeting facilities?

The Johnston Library, dining room and lounge, and our meeting facilities can be used subject to availability. Our Hospitality Manager will guide you through any requests regarding private functions. Please visit the Contact Us page for further details or to make an Online Enquiry.

I do not have a degree. May I still join?

Give our Membership Relations Officer a call to discuss becoming an ‘Associate Member’.

I represent an organisation/group that wants to hold a meeting/function at Graduate House. May our organisation/group join?

Yes, and we provide very good terms to encourage meeting of organisations from the charitable, not-for-profit, education and government sectors. It costs a bit more if you are a ‘for-profit’.

For enquiries about accommodation, please contact our Accommodation Manager by:
Phone: +61 3 9347 3428 or

Residency Bookings

Can an Undergraduate student stay at Graduate House?

Great news Yes! Graduate House is now accepting under graduate students in residency in 2022.  You will still need to join as a member but we would love you to stay. Same conditions apply.

How do I proceed with a booking?

Let us know the dates and the room type. We then send a confirmation email asking if you wish to proceed with the booking. If so, the payment and application details will be forwarded to you.

How do I pay the deposit?

All relevant payment details for your deposit are on the application form.

Do I need to become a Member?

Yes, Graduate House is a membership organisation. As a Resident, you automatically assume Member status while residing within our college.

View this Sample Resident Membership Application Form so that you know the information we require.

Do I need to renew my membership every year?

If your residency continues over 12 months, you renew your membership to ensure continued residency at Graduate House. This can be done online or at reception.

Can I pay the deposit upon arrival?

No, in order to confirm your booking we require payment of your deposit prior to arrival. We have to be fair to those on the waiting list who are ready to pay!!

How do I pay my rental payments?

Rental payments can be made at reception – by cash, EFTPOS, or credit card at Reception or Bank Transfer – see Reception for details. You may choose to set up a direct deposit (see reception for details) so that you don’t forget!

What is the cancellation policy?

Please refer to page two of the Residential Terms and Conditions.

What facilities are available in the room?

Please refer to the website under Room Types.

Can I see pictures of the room?

Please refer to the website under Room Types.

Can I see pictures of the communal area?

Please refer to the website under Accommodation Overview.

Do I have my own bathroom?

Most rooms have an ensuite – that is, you have the use of your own shower, toilet and wash basin.

The rooms in the terrace wing do not have ensuites – and are thus less expensive to lease. Uni-sex bathrooms and toilets in this wing are shared by about 2-4 residents. The ten communal bathrooms are cleaned, sanitised and restocked regularly.

Does the room have air conditioning and heating?

Yes, all rooms have an air conditioner (good for our hot summers) and a heater (good for our not too cold winters)

Do I need to pay for utilities (electricity, gas, water, waste management)?

There are no additional utility costs with your rental payment. This is a big cost advantage — when compared with other student accommodation rooms where [a] the rent does not include the bills AND [b] you have the hassle of getting utilities connected and disconnected — and, from your first night at Graduate House, everything is set up and ready to go!

Do I need to pay for internet?

Your rent includes a basic internet connection plan and you can upgrade later – several plans are available.

Can I pay just for a room and not for meals?

No, Graduate House does not offer any rates excluding meals.

Meeting other residents in the dining room is an important part of college life. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to live and eat with the world’s best and brightest, to form lifelong friendships and to become part of our global network.

Do you have a floor plan of the room and size of room?

Please refer to the website under Room Types.

Graduate House_Front Side view

We are an association of graduates, a graduate residential college and a graduate meeting place.

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Arriving and Living at Graduate House

I’m checking in late, how do I get my keys?

We provide all check in information once your booking is confirmed.
If you arrive after hours and the front door does not open automatically, please ring the intercom (left-hand side wall), wait for the Duty Resident to talk with you and they will come to check you in.

Can I leave my luggage somewhere if my room is not ready?

Yes, we have a secure storage place for your luggage.

If needed, can I leave my luggage at reception after check out?

Yes, we are happy to look after your luggage and have a secure space for this purpose.

Is Internet included in the room rate?

Yes, a standard Wi-Fi package is included in the rent. This is suitable for web browsing and emails. Several upgrade plans are available for purchase from reception.

How often are the rooms serviced?

Rooms are serviced once a week. This includes a change of your linen, cleaning of the bathroom and sinks, waste removal and cleaning of the floors (vacuum and mop).

Do I need to provide my own linen?

No, Graduate House provides all linen. You may choose, however, to bring your own linen, pillows and covers. Just let us know so that we set your room up correctly.

Can I have a guest stay in my room?

Yes, however, only for those rooms which have double beds. Charges apply for guests. We require 48 hours notice, as well as your guest’s name and contact details (e.g., in the event of the need for emergency evacuation).

We do not allow guests overnight in the single rooms.

Do you have a car park?

Yes, you can reserve a space in our car park at member rates – see this car parking page for further details. Non-residents can also park here but pay more!

Can I cook in my room?

Yes, but only in the rooms which have kitchens – the apartments in the south (Stella Langford) wing and at Barkly Place and Barry Street.

Cooking is not allowed in the rooms that do not have kitchens.

We have a communal kitchen for use by residents in rooms that do not have kitchens – please book at reception.

Can I have a microwave in my room?

No (except in apartments with kitchens).

We also do not allow toasters, rice-cookers and other similar items. This is for fire and other safety reasons.

What is the postal address?

220 Leicester Street, Carlton,  VIC 3053, Australia.

Can I send a package before I arrive?

Yes, please ensure that you have your name on the package so that we can coordinate your receipt of this parcel with your arrival date.

I have late classes - can I order a late dinner?

Yes – make a late dinner Request by 3.00PM the same day and collect this from the kitchen directly when you get back home (to Graduate House).

Do you serve Halal meat?

Yes, all our meat, excluding pork, is certified Halal.

I am a vegetarian/vegan - what meals do you offer?

Each meal has vegetarian and vegan options. Please suggest recipes that can be made for many and that you know work! We are always looking for healthy alternatives to the menu.

Do you have hair dryers in the room?

Only the Self Contained Deluxe Apartments are fitted with hair dryers.
For all other rooms Residents must bring their own – ensure that they are safe electrically.

Can I have a fridge in my room?

The majority of rooms and apartments have bar fridges.

There are no fridges in the residential rooms of the terrace (William Berry) wing. Fridge space is provided in the shared refrigerators in the terrace dining and preparation rooms.

How do I check-in on the weekend?

Prior to arrival, please contact the reception confirming your arrival date and time.
Upon arrival, ring the intercom (left-hand side of front door on the wall), wait to speak with them via intercom and they will come and assist with your check-in.

Will reception be open on the weekend?

Reception is closed on weekends and public holidays. Please contact the duty resident on weekends for queries or anything else that might usually be dealt with by reception.

Email admingh@graduatehouse.com.au – we will get back to you soon.

Advertising Opportunities

Enjoy reading our articles?

Well you can showcase your feature articles, poems, and other literary work in our publications and online!

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Advertise your company in our publications or online!

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What is your publication reach?

Our Members are international and receive our publications regularly – in the post, via email or on our website. Of course, our social media posts – like all others – are accessed by people all over the world

What does ‘graduate pathway’ mean?

It is the story of a graduate – from their first course and graduation through their life.

It is a narrative of the highlights and the challenges in their career, caring roles and contribution to society.

These graduate pathway stories are from graduates of all disciplines, ethnicities and life stages.

What is the Melbourne Graduate?

The Melbourne Graduate is magazine that we publish bi-annually. It contains long features stories about our Members, detailed reports and extensive overviews of the events and happenings at Graduate House and of the Graduate Union.

What is the monthly newsletter?

The newsletter is a publication that is sent to all Members each month. It contains stories about our Members and Graduate House, as well as Resident Member news, and other features of interest, insight and education.

I want to submit an article to your newsletter - is this possible?

Yes, we accept articles from any Member, and in limited cases, from non-members. All articles are reviewed and edited by our publications team. We do not adopt a peer-review process. We do not accept articles that breach our values.

Articles are from all genres. They can be summaries of your research, stories about your career or your company, personal interest essays or opinion pieces, poetry, art or literature, or general non-fiction.

Our interest is in showcasing the intelligence and diversity of our Members, as well as in providing inspiration to earlier-career graduates. Visit out publish your stories and features page or email publications@graduatehouse.com.au

Can I advertise on Graduate House social media accounts?

Of course. We aim to support our Members in many ways. Should you have any event, news or otherwise that you would like to share with the Graduate Union body and members of the general public, we can arrange to share your news on all social media channels, or just one of your choosing. You may get in touch with our publications team at publications@graduatehouse.com.au.

Can I advertise in your publications?

Yes. Get in touch with publications for more information and a quote:  publications@graduatehouse.com.au.

Book an event space today:

Phone: +61 3 9347 3428
Email: meetingservices@graduatehouse.com.au

Meetings and Functions

What are the benefits of becoming an Organisational Member?

There are many benefits to becoming an organisational member. Some include: meeting room facilities (meeting room hire is waived and delegate packages reduced), accommodation at Graduate House, formal dinner/lunches, member prices for events, and the use the use of our reciprocal clubs. View our benefits page for more.

Do you do catered events?

Yes, we are well known for our varied and interesting menus:

  • morning and afternoon teas;
  • working breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • cocktails and canapes
  • formal dining events

Our kitchen is Class 2 registered with Melbourne City Council. This means that we are safe, hygienic and adhere to strict standards.

We also cater for special events and, thus, menu requests – e.g., birthday cakes, anniversary celebrations, memorials, etc.

I am looking to hold a meeting or function at Graduate House - what is the capacity?

We cater best for small to medium-sized events – examples include research meetings, seminars, working lunches, professional development courses, 1-5 day mini-conferences, small group classes and tutorials.

We have a good range of spaces and setups – see configurations – and work closely with you to ensure that your event needs are met.

We are a not-for-profit - is it costly to hold an event at Graduate House?

In short, No.

Graduate House is owned and run by a charity with the purposes of education for social good.

For those in the education, research, not-for-profit and professional development sectors, our motto is ‘Ritz experience; charity price’.

Unfortunately, we are not free. However, we keep our prices as low as practically possible while also enabling groups and organisations to get on and do what they do best. We do not want our guests to worry about the catering, the hygiene, the AV and, above all, the expense!

Our company is seeking a place to deliver training programs - is this possible at Graduate House?

Yes, several organisations deliver training and education programs at Graduate House.

We have a flexible configuration design – meaning that rooms can be separated or joined together – as well as no-fixed furniture (meaning that tables, chairs, lecterns and platforms are arranged differently for every event).

Materials and equipment can be delivered in advance to Graduate House and we can tailor the set up to suit different education delivery and assessment requirements.

Are you able to help me with the advertising of my event, and with the bookings?

Yes, please get in touch with our Hospitality Manager to gain a quote for these additional services.

We are able to assist you in communicating with your known and potential delegates, with your event advertising and with your registrations. Each of these additional services incurs a small fee.

Is Graduate House suitable for classes, seminars and tutorials?

Absolutely, but always a good idea to make an enquiry in advance to make sure that we have a suitable space. Please note also that we give preference to catered events.

Can my delegates stay at Graduate House overnight?

Yes, Graduate House is suited ideally to overnight stays.

We prefer people not to drive home long distances after a good day of learning!! It is also nice to conclude the day with further discussions over a leisurely dinner.

See our Live here page.

Can I hold interviews at Graduate House?

Yes, but always a good idea to make an enquiry in advance to make sure that we have a quiet space set aside.

How much does it cost for Audio Visual and Equipment?

For Organisational Members – A/V and equipment is included in the package

For non-members – we charge a room hire fee, includes A/V and some other equipment.

See this page for all fees and charges.

Dine Here Icon_Red

Reserve a place in our dining room

By phoning us on +61 3 9347 3428 or
by emailing us at diningroom@graduatehouse.com.au

Dining Facilities

What is a Loyalty Card?

Becoming a loyalty card holder is excellent value for money. It is a $40.00 annual fee (from date joined) and offers discounted dining room meals (including Stonegrill), a number of free meals, coffees, discounted events and much more.

What’s the difference between a Member, a Loyalty Card and a non-Member price for lunch?

The best prices are for our Members – become a member for as little as $150 per year.

Loyalty card member prices are the next highest!

Whatever your membership status or type, our dining room prices are very reasonable. We understand that your mind works better when fed – and when food is not too expensive!

What times are breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Serving times are: Breakfast is from 7.30AM – 8.30AM, lunch is from 12.00NOON – 2.00PM and dinner is from 6.00PM – 7.30PM.

Can I come here for breakfast (if I don’t live here)?

Yes, you are very welcome to have breakfast here. We suggest booking ahead – you can also call 9347 3428 or email admingh@graduatehouse.com.au.

How much would it cost my friend, who is a non-member, to come along for dinner?

Your friend, a non-member will pay $25 for dinner at Graduate House. Why not encourage your friend to become a member!

What time does the café/ bar open?

Our cafe/bar opens at about 7:30AM or earlier if there is a scheduled breakfast event. Closing time for the bar is at 7.30PM, unless there is also an event which will go later.