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Being part of this long-standing and respected Association means contacts, networks, career development and social opportunities. As a Member you are guaranteed to meet other intelligent, influential and well-connected people who are genuinely interested and active in supporting graduates at all life stages.

Our non-resident Members are all over the world – some working in their professions and in caring-roles, some taking career breaks, some in academia/research and others enjoying well-earned retirements.

Our Resident Members live at Graduate House while undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate studies, research, professional development, university business and sabbaticals. Our Group Members gather online or at Graduate House for meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures, professional development and celebratory occasions.

Our association is more than 110 years old and benefits you, the university student or continuing learner, at any life stage.

By simply listing membership of The Graduate Union in a curriculum vitae or on LinkedIn, you are indicating to the world that you are part of a collegium that values lifelong learning and its productive application.

A central and convenient meeting place

You might be here for one night or three years. Whatever the duration, you are in a safe and welcoming college residence, mixing with the best and the brightest from around the world.

You can use our many spaces and our catering facilities for meetings (e.g., of your research group or your not-for-profit) through to small-to-medium sized conferences (or their satellites) as well as for professional development events. You can also simply meet other university students – undergraduates and postgraduates – to dine and drink together.

We are conveniently located next door to two major universities (The University of Melbourne and RMIT University), to Melbourne’s CBD, and a vibrant Carlton social and restaurant scene on the world famous Lygon Street. There are also a range of public transport options and car park facilities available.

Join our Membership

We are a membership association, a residential college and a meeting and gathering place.

A comprehensive booklet encompassing information about our college and what you as a member of The Graduate Union gain by joining our international association.


We promote lifelong education and the sharing of knowledge and skills. Each year our vibrant body of Members grows, boasting an eclectic range of disciplines, life stages, ethnicities, interests and backgrounds. We invite you to join our membership.

“People here are so friendly and helpful and it is like a big family. You can talk to people from different backgrounds and learn from them. It is really a good opportunity and place for students to make friends and promote networking.”

- Huiting Wang

“What I like about being a member of the Graduate Union is the warmth, friendliness and professionalism of the staff, like Rosie and Bill and others.”

- David Wilson

“The amazing mix of young and old, local and international, and bright and very bright make this college unique”

- Jasper Follows

“Are you a first timer in Australia without knowing anyone? No worries, within one week you will know everyone if you attend the meals everyday and mingle with people. They all speak English (with various lovely accents), and you will feel more than welcome and a sense of belonging.”

- Zoe Ma

“Graduate House is unique because of the people who currently live here, used to live here, or in some way feel a connection to this historic and traditional place. It has been an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

- Stine Hasselholt Anderson