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Dine Here

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Our food is prepared and served with your safety in mind (Class 2 registration. Melbourne City Council)

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We deep clean and sanitise all surfaces to the highest standards

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Physical distancing rules are applied at Graduate House

You can also reserve a place in our dining room

by phoning us on
+61 3 93473 428 or by  emailing admingh@graduatehouse.com.au

Graduate House is open and safe.

The wellbeing of you, your guests, our staff and the community is of paramount importance to us. We want you to feel safe and well cared for when you come here to meet, to dine, for office work and to live.


Alternatively, book by telephoning 03 9347 3428 or by emailing admingh@graduatehouse.com.au.

We require that you wear your mask (over your nose and mouth) while in and around Graduate House. We have masks for sale here and from reception. You will be required to wear a mask before and after eating your meal and whenever you leave your table.

The Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requires us to record your first name, telephone number and the date and time of your visit here to Graduate House. As you know, we take great care to protect your privacy and will provide this information only to DHHS and only if they request this information to support contact tracing. We will also take your temperature.

We are safe. Tables are positioned to ensure physical distancing and we supervise queuing. We prepare and serve food and beverages according to strict food safety and hygiene requirements. Our restrooms and all surfaces are cleaned very regularly and wiped with antiviral disinfectant. All staff wear masks and other protection at all times.

We very much look forward to seeing you again and to enjoying your company soon.

Please do not come into Graduate House if you have any signs and symptoms of an infectious disease – temperature, cough, a feeling of tiredness, difficulty in breathing, chest and other aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on skin, discolouration of fingers or toes or loss of speech or movement. If you have any of these signs/symptoms we suggest seeking medical advice and staying home.

We rely on all to work together to keep us all safe. We ask that you respect our duty of care to other visitors, our residents and our staff, and for your cooperation.


Today’s Dining Room Menu

Friday,   23rd  April 2021




Chicken & Rice Soup (gf)(df)


Fish Basket

Chips (v+)(gf)

 Sautéed Mixed Green Beans (v+)(gf)

Mushroom Risotto (v)(gf)


Garden Salad (v+)(gf)(                                                                 


(gf) Gluten free
(v) Vegetarian
(df) Dairy free

Variety of Desserts




The Graduate House Dining Room is a lovely place for lunch or dinner. We offer a wide range of meals from around the world, including vegetarian, gluten-free and Stonegrill options. Open from breakfast until evening, and for morning and afternoon tea times, this is the best place for a relaxing place to sit, eat and drink between lectures and meetings.

You can also reserve a place in our dining room

by phoning us on
+6193473428 or by  emailing admingh@graduatehouse.com.au.


Monday – Friday
7.30AM – 9:30AM

Members $12
Non-Members $18
Loyalty Card Holders $15


Monday – Friday
12:00NOON – 2:00PM

Members $12
Non-Members $20
Loyalty Card Holders $15


Monday – Friday
6:00PM – 8:00PM

Members $17
Non-Members $25
Loyalty Card Holders $20

Loyalty Card


Invest in a Graduate Union loyalty card and experience Graduate House Dining at a reduced cost.

Your $40 Loyalty Card gives you:

  • a quick return on your investment and excellent value for money
  • Member prices for meals, Monday to Friday
  • a number of free meals and coffees over 12 months
  • good food, good service, comfort and elegance
  • Member prices for a Stone Grill meal (to be ordered at least three working days in advance of attendance)
  • a convenient, welcoming and nearby location

Download the GU Loyalty Card Application Form.
Fill out the form then send it back by email or post for your GU Loyalty Card to be activated!

Stonegrill™ Menu

For a delightful Stonegrill™ dining experience, we bring your grill menu choice served on a super-heated natural volcanic stone grill for you to cook at the table.

To pre-order Stonegrill we require at least three-working days notice.

Grill Menu

Grain fed black Angus rib eye steak (300gm).

Grain fed black Angus eye fillet steak (200gm).

Tasmanian Salmon (200gm).

Seafood selection (scallops, prawns, fish of the day).

Mixed grill (a selection of meats).

Vegetable mixed grill ( a selection of stone grilled vegetables and cheese )















Sauce Menu
  • Bernaise
  • Peppercorn
  • Mushroom
  • Tartare

All stonegrill meals are served with salad or vegetables and potatoes of the day.

Beverage Menu

Download our Beverage Menu  *Please note that beverage selection and pricing are subject to change without notice


Dining Room Feedback

People physical distancing at table

Organising our event at Graduate House is always an excellent experience. If I say the food was exceptional, it implies that it isn’t always? Can I say the presentation and flavour of the fish and veg was exceptional, and we’ll put it down to the ingredients available at this time of year?

Also the fruit platters were very generous, and so full of flavour (again all the melons are great now), and a most interesting cheese selection. So many women send their compliments to the chef/caterers for a really lovely lunch. We love your staff and feel very fortunate to have your services.

Melba Group

Screen Protector

“A great diversity of food and cuisine. The lunches are filling and satisfying. The staff always friendly, approachable and talkative. It is always a joy to have lunch at Graduate House.”

James Henshall

taking food from server

My donation is the least that I could do to show my appreciation for the staff, and the patience with which they have been serving us. I haven’t been back home ever since I came to Melbourne last year, and I found a second home at Graduate House. What I miss the most about my home is home-cooked meals, and I am so grateful to be provided meals here on time, and not have to worry about stepping out of my room at all. The excellent hospitality has really helped me focus on writing my thesis. Thankyou!

Resident Member and donor to Graduate House COVID-19 Relief Fund

It is always so easy to organise a function here. Rosie is a joy to deal with and we feel very confident knowing that when we arrive, things will be in place. And if we forget anything or something is not quite right, it is easily fixed. It takes the stress out of events. All we have to worry about is the program. The food was delicious and plentiful. And all the staff are so friendly and helpful. Everything was perfect – our function room suited our needs and it is a joy to deal with the staff at Graduate House.

Catherine Gosling, Association of German Teachers of Victoria Inc.

Organising our event was excellent, as always. I can’t think of anything that needed improvement. Graduate House staff are always so responsive and helpful. Function rooms are suitable and food was excellent. Staff, as always, were very helpful.

Penny Beeston, Geography Teachers’ Association Victoria.

Feedback winners

Peter Fuller
Elizabeth Carvosso
Anne and James Mulholland
Andrea Casey
Allan Casey
Howard Hutchins
Elizabeth Carvosso
Nancy Price
George Warden
Ena Ahern
Pauline Henthorn
Darren Room
George and Connie Markou
Muriel Johnston Need
Wendy Graham
Emily Cross
Alison Harcourt
Marcia Roche
Jo Elvins
Marg Nicoll
Judith Wills
Margaret Mayers
Roscoe Howell
James and Anne Mulholland
Heather Kudeviita
Jo Elvins
Dr George Luke OAM
Barry Dance
John Hasker
Pauline Henthorn
Margaret Mayers
Roscoe Howell
James Henshall
Marg Nicoll
Elizabeth Carvosso
John Johnston
Heather Kudeviita
Olive Hamilton
John Hasker
Pauline Henthorn

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We encourage our Dining Room guests to provide us with feedback so that we can continue to provide excellent service and a high quality experience. We really do want to hear of your thoughts on how we may improve.

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