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A Mentoring Program for Graduate Union Members and Graduate House Residents​

We are asking you to support a very special fundraising cause:

We want to introduce a mentoring program for Graduate Union Members and Graduate House Residents. Such a program has the potential to offer benefits to all who participate.

We aim to commence with a Pilot Mentoring Program at the commencement of the 2024 university academic year.

Join in with your support for this initiative

We are embarking on this new project as a result of enquiries about mentoring possibilities from Graduate House residents, and members of our alumni strongly advocating it. Here are some comments from recent interviews with two of our most senior Life Members, Wally Reid and Margaret Mayers, in support of this initiative:

“I am part of the alumni associated with the Law Faculty which facilitates interaction and support at different levels. The mentoring process could involve utilising the diverse skills of our mid-career or retired members to engage with young graduates and residents. This could be done in several ways: ‘pairing’ a mentor to a young graduate or resident and meeting over lunch or dinner; or arranging special speakers to suggested ‘areas’ of interest … We have a wealth of experience among our members of all ages.

(Wally Reid, June Graduate House Newsletter)

“I am sure that offering mentoring possibilities [to Graduate House residents] would appeal to them. And perhaps we could also assist in getting some of the young graduates into the workforce. They in turn could go on to mentor others. Certainly, I am in favour of us fostering ‘cross-generational’ two-way learning and friendship. This entails us thinking differently for our mutual benefit. … I think also that some residents from overseas might welcome the opportunity to learn more about the so-called Australian way of life. I would be most willing to do this. I can imagine that one-on-one grass roots mentoring has great possibilities; it would also be a way of reinforcing that each of us matters. …Of course, this doesn’t necessarily have to be only on a one-on-basis: there could also be occasions for us working in groups.” (Margaret Mayers, August Graduate House Newsletter)

These sentiments have been echoed often by several of our Graduate House residents who would greatly appreciate such an opportunity.

We need your help to make it happen.

To successfully implement an initiative as important as mentoring requires dedicated and committed effort. The staff at The Graduate Union are already working to capacity – so we are seeking your help to raise funds to pay for a part-time administrative assistant for the first half of the year to support our pilot mentoring program. With your support we’ll be able to successfully launch this initiative. Given the strong interest we’ve received in mentoring, we’re sure that it will become a regular feature of what we offer.

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