Residential Fellowships

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Fund a Graduate House Residential Fellowship to give a deserving student enrolled in an undergraduate or a postgraduate-level university course the opportunity to live in a mature, safe and multidisciplinary college.

Secure a platform to support your passions and social responsibilities, and increase your brand visibility.

Whether representing an organisation, contributing to excellence in a particular profession or continuing a personal legacy, a Residential Fellowship in your name will see the growth of Australia’s academic reputation, and bolster local and international job markets.

Fund a Residential Fellowship today to support the future of Australia and of our world.

Support focus in the home away from home

Graduate House is a residential college that provides accommodation for undergraduate and graduate-level university students and for visiting academics and researchers.

The resident can focus on study, and on tutoring, teaching, researching, collaborating, developing professionally and networking with others who pursue excellence in their education and careers.

Meals, bills, housekeeping, repairs, security and safety – all taken care of.

Opportunities, networks (local and global), health (physical and mental), career development, introductions – all inclusive!

Benefits of funding a
Graduate House Residential Fellowship

  • bring students to Melbourne to fuel job creation, and retail and hospitality spending
  • stimulate the economy, cultural vibrancy, local and international networks, research and innovation
  • demonstrate to local, national and global markets your support for the reactivation of at-university education
  • highlight your corporate social responsibility
  • increase your brand loyalty and visibility
  • strengthen your reputation in the market to retain and gain customers
  • naming rights apply, for you or your company to be acknowledged in the Graduate House Residential Fellowship title
  • the name may instead be in acknowledgement of your profession or your passion
  • support a student to get through their education with less financial stress
  • give residencies to specific student ‘types’ – from regional Australia, of Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander background, with less socioeconomic advantage, or from a particular community
  • supply and support your future workforce and the innovation/solutions for tomorrow.

Sponsorship options


Four Residential Fellowship sponsorship options are proposed according to the residency term at Graduate House.

Residential Fellowship sponsors are acknowledged in a Monthly Newsletter, in the Annual Report (April edition) of The Melbourne Graduate and on the significant Donor Board at Graduate House. Anonymity is also ensured during the lifetime of the donor, if so requested.

Different sponsorship options are available on request – e.g., $16K to support 50% of the residential costs for 12 months; shorter term residential stay for a visiting Professor; etc.

The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne Inc.owns and runs Graduate House and is a Deductible Gift Recipient charity registered with ACNC. Funding of a Residential Fellowship is thus a tax deductible donation.