Terms and Conditions

The following shows the terms and conditions for Graduate House meeting and function services and form the basis of the agreement between Graduate House and the client for a specific booking or service of booking.

Graduate House requires that all guests adhere strictly to all health and safety measures that have been added to mitigate the risk of community transmission of the SARS-CoV-2, influenza and other infectious diseases.

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Health and Safety Measures
Under our new Terms and Conditions, and in accordance with guidelines from the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the World Health Organisation, all delegates and organisers who are coming into Graduate House are required to:

1. Not come into Graduate House if they have any of the following signs and symptoms:

  •  fever
  •  chills or sweats
  •  cough
  •   sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  •  runny nose
  •  loss of sense of smell

2. Before travelling into Graduate House (if possible, in a private vehicle), complete and submit the Delegate Information Form with the following:

  • name and phone number – please be assured that we take great care to protect privacy. We will provide this information ONLY to DHHS and ONLY if they request this information to support contact tracing
  • In-advance purchases of products/services that are not included in the event package (e.g., mask; car parking; overnight college accommodation; additional food and beverages)

3. Wash hands thoroughly before entering Graduate House and (at least) before meals while in Graduate House.

4. Wear a face mask to cover (at least) the nose and mouth at all times while in Graduate House. Reusable/washable cloth masks, as well as paper masks, are available for purchase online (see Delegate Information Form above) and at Graduate House (card payments only. Cash will not be accepted). While dining place mask so that the in(face)side is facing downwards.

5. Have a maximum of two people in the lift, standing on the floor indicators.

6. Keep to the left while going up or down stairs.

7. Use the contact-less hand sanitisers.

8. Undertake a contact-less temperature test. Unfortunately, those with temperatures suggestive of a fever will not be granted entry to Graduate House and will be asked to return home and seek medical advice.

9. Keep a safe distance from other people:

  •  Tables and chairs are positioned to adhere to DHHS requirements – please do not move any tables or chairs
  •  In queues, stand on the spaced indicators
  •  Follow instructions from staff for one-way foot traffic

10. Avoid physical contact with any other person – this means, no handshakes, hugs or kisses.

11. Have a maximum of two people in each bathroom block.

12. Minimise hand surface contact – follow instructions shown in the toilets and lifts.

13. Maintain single use of (clean and sanitised) laptops, other mobile devices, pens, stationery and any other teaching/presentation tools.

14. Not self-serve food and beverages – staff will serve food and beverages from behind screens, and will be wearing face masks, gloves and hair coverings.

15. Respect instructions from staff who will be endeavouring to ensure that all delegates and other visitors to Graduate House are adhering to health and safety measures that will benefit all.

16. Leave Graduate House if not able to adhere to these health and safety measures. Truly, we do very much understand that some will perceive these measures to be ‘over the top’ and not to their liking.

Tentative Booking
A tentative booking is where you are holding the meeting/function room and payment of deposit has not yet been made to confirm the booking. For events with an estimated event bill of more than $1,000, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking within seven (7) days of a tentative booking being placed. Bookings are automatically released – that is, the meeting/function room will be made available to another person, group or organisation – if contact and/or payment are not made within this period. No booking is regarded as confirmed until this 50% deposit has been received by Graduate House. Events with an estimated event bill of less than $1,000 are payable in full before the event date – that is, within seven (7) days of a tentative booking being placed.
Confirmation of Guest Number
A guaranteed minimum number of guests attending the function is required at least two (2) working days prior to the function at which time the final bill amount must be paid in full by credit card over the phone, in person or by cheque, unless other terms are agreed to.
Final Details
Menu selections are also required seven (7) working days prior to your function.
The final number of guests that you provide will form the basis for the minimum number you will be invoiced and charged for. Final payment of your bill total is required no later than 14 days after your event. Graduate House also reserves the right to automatically deduct any additional and unpaid charges incurred during a function from your credit card without notification. A late fee may apply in the event of late payment. This fee is $100 per week that the payment is overdue.
All prices include Goods and Services Tax (GST). Pricing is subject to change without notification. A surcharge applies to all weekend functions. Functions exceeding agreed conclusion times incur a $7.50 per person per half hour surcharge.
Room Hire
Room hire is waived for the catered events of Group and Organisation Members. Non-member catered groups and organisations may hire the meeting/function rooms of 210-220 Leicester Street from $350 per space. Room hire for rooms and spaces in other parts of the facility is negotiable. Graduate House prefers not to hire out rooms and spaces for non-catered events; and adds a surcharge accordingly. Package and room hire costs are indicative. Meetings and functions in the evening and on weekends incur greater charges.
Function Times
Graduate House functions may be held on weekdays, evenings and weekends subject to availability. Graduate House reserves the right to end or extend functions at its discretion. All functions must be completed by 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday and by 10:00pm weekday nights as Graduate House is also a residential college.
Cancellation Terms

Written notice of cancellation is required. Confirmed events cancelled with less than fourteen (14) days notice will be charged a cancellation fee of $250, within seven (7) days or less, Graduate House reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of not less than 50% of the total value of the function. Within 72 hours or less, Graduate House reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of not less than 100% of the total value of the function.

Meeting Rules
A minimum number of 15 guests/delegates is required for the delegate packages. Graduate House reserves the right to modify any original specifications or relocate a booking to a comparable location in the event of reduced numbers. The room(s)/space(s) booked (or any other part of Graduate House) shall be used for the purposes specified in the booking. Graduate House is not to be used for any illegal purpose or in such a manner as to bring Graduate House or the premises into disrepute and in particular not to commit a criminal offence in or in the vicinity of Graduate House.
Meeting Capacity
Please enquire about seating, standing and cocktail function capacity. Graduate House has several different rooms with facilities to cater for most small to medium-sized conference events. Please feel free to request a tour with us so that we can show you our flexible configuration facility and how we tailor this for a wide range of different delegate numbers. No need to book a tour in advance – we are always happy to show you around!
All persons attending a function at Graduate House are required to comply with the Rules and Regulations of Graduate House and with all instructions from Graduate House staff. Those failing to comply may be required to leave the premises. The person/group/organisation making this booking is responsible for the behaviour of all persons attending and is liable for any loss or damage. The client must reimburse Graduate House (The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne) the cost of repairs of any damage to the property, contents or grounds of Graduate House caused by any of the meeting/function delegates. This may include the cost of specialist cleaning.
The client releases and indemnifies Graduate House and its management, its contractors and agents from and against any liability or damage, including any negligent act or omission of any act arising for an event. Our acceptance of a booking is made solely with you and the booking may not be transferred to an agent or third party without our written agreement. Graduate House will take all necessary care, but does not accept responsibility for the damage or loss of goods (including any film, video or audio-visual material or vehicles) that are on the premises prior to, during or after an event. Please arrive at and depart from Graduate House quietly at all times as it is also a post-graduate residential college and the needs of our 120 per night residents are paramount.
Responsible Service of Alcohol
Graduate House follows the Liquor Licensing Commission’s guidelines on the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Alcohol will only be served between the hours of 11:00am to 11:00pm Monday to Sunday and restricted on public holidays. Our staff are obliged legally not to serve alcohol to guests under the age of 18 years, or to guests in a state of intoxication. Guests in a state of intoxication will be asked to leave the premises. Our Policy is to serve our guests in a responsible, friendly and professional manner. Graduate House reserves the right to discontinue serving alcohol to any one individual or to any group/organisation.
Special Dietary Requirements
Graduate House is able to cater for most guest-specific dietary requirements – food allergies, intolerances, religious or lifestyle choices. Menu choices are available from the Hospitality Manager. We request that you inform Graduate House of the name and seating position of all attendees with such requirements so that we can ensure they receive the correct meal. The food for specific dietary requirements may need to be ordered in, so please inform Graduate House of these requirements at least seven (7) working days in advance. While every effort will be made by our committed culinary team, we are unable to guarantee completely allergy-free meals due to the potential traces of ingredients in the working environment. Unique dietary requirements outside of those currently available at Graduate House may incur a surcharge – the price for these is provided on application.
Smoking is prohibited in Graduate House and in the external areas of Graduate House, including in the entrances on Leicester Street, in the courtyard, on any balconies or roof tops, in and immediately outside of the loading bay and car park and in the laneways around Graduate House. Delegates may smoke at a minimum distance of five (5) metres from any Graduate House entrance, operable window or air intake to Graduate House. Graduate House does not allow tobacco advertising, promotion or sponsorship in its facilities and media (print and web-based) and does not sell tobacco products. The University of Melbourne has campus-wide non-smoking policies and procedures.
Outside Contractors
All exhibitions, stages or equipment set up by outside contractors must be approved in writing by Graduate House Management. Contractors must report to Reception and will be issued with security passes. All outside contractors must liaise with Graduate House in all matters of delivery, set up and departure/clean up.
All entertainers are required to view the space reserved for their performance at least one hour prior to the event and perform sound and equipment checks as required. Graduate House reserves the right to terminate any entertainment that is regarded as inappropriate or not of the nature advised prior to the event. All entertainment must cease by 10.45pm (Friday and Saturday) and by 9.45pm all other days.
External Catering
Only food prepared by Graduate House is to be served. This relates to all events and includes outside contractors. Food must not be taken from Graduate House premises under any circumstances.
Delivery and Collection of Goods
The delivery of goods for all events must be advised to the Hospitality Manager prior to delivery. Graduate House will make all efforts to take delivery of goods at a mutually suitable time, however Graduate House takes no responsibility for any items delivered for any events. Please ensure that all goods to be received by Graduate House are labelled clearly with the contact name, the name and date of the event/function/meeting and (as applicable) the group/organisation name.
Displays and Signage
No items are to be attached to walls or any other surface at Graduate House, without written permission from the Hospitality Manager. Placement of stand alone signs is to be decided in consultation with the Hospitality Manager with focus on safety (particularly with regards to trip hazard and safe entry/exit). The correct pens are to be used on the Graduate House whiteboards. Graduate House reserves the right to remove any displays, signage, advertising flyers, brochures and any other material brought in by the meeting/function organiser.
Emergency Procedures
Fire escape signage and fire fighting apparatus must not be tampered with or covered in any way. Access to emergency exits must be kept clear at all times. Blocking of doorways or exits with equipment, signage, furniture or personal belongings (e.g., delegate bags) is prohibited. In the event of an emergency, an alarm bell will sound continuously and delegates are to evacuate Graduate House using the emergency exits which are indicated by the green running man signs. An announcement of the need to evacuate using the emergency exits will also be made. The fire assembly areas are highlighted by signage in each room/space of Graduate House, as are the procedures for evacuation. The meeting/function organiser is responsible for familiarising and informing all delegates with the emergency exits and procedures.
Force Majeure
Graduate House (The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne) is released from further obligations under the agreement in the event of force majeure – that is, an event beyond the control of Graduate House and the client, which prevents Graduate House complying with any of its obligations under this agreement.

Please contact the Hospitality Manager if you have any enquiries about these Terms and Conditions:
Phone: +61 3 9347 3428
Email: meetingservices@graduatehouse.com.au