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Graduate House Information Brochure
This brochure contains information about our room types, prices and features and the many benefits of why you should book your stay (whether for one night or several years) at Graduate House.

Graduate House is the only dedicated graduate residential college in Victoria. It is a perfect “home away from home”.

On University Square – on the corner of Grattan and Leicester Streets – Graduate House is in the heart of the CBD (south) side of The University of Melbourne and a five minute walk from RMIT University.

Graduate students (enrolled at any university), visiting scholars and researchers stay at Graduate House for terms ranging from one night to several years. Meals, utilities (electricity, gas, water), internet access, housekeeping, building services and membership of The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne Inc. are included.

There are different room types for different preferences and budgets, ranging from single and double ensuite and non-ensuite rooms to self-contained apartments.

Graduate House is renown internationally for being welcoming, safe, vibrant and diverse. In a mature environment, graduate students pursue their studies, advance their career through living and meeting with the best and brightest from around the world, and make life-long friends.

Established in 1911, The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne is the pre-eminent Australian membership association of graduates across all disciplines, life stages and cultures. The Graduate Union owns and operates its residential college, Graduate House.

Visit this page to check availability, room types and bookings.

For Graduates

Since 1911 our graduate membership has included:

  • all disciplines
  • all life stages
  • all ethnicities

At Graduate House we welcome residents from all over Australia (~70%) and from overseas.

We are a home where people learn models of working together for the benefit of the nation and of the world.

Collegiate, Safe, Convenient

Graduate House is:

  • safe
  • a community
  • collegiate
  • on University Square in the heart of the CBD (south) side of the University of Melbourne
  • a five-minute walk from RMIT

Graduate House provides meals, housekeeping and laundry facilities. It is well-maintained with repairs and maintenance undertaken promptly and to a high standard.

Enhancing the Reputation of Victoria and Australia

Graduate House prides itself on being:


  • welcoming and inclusive
  • a place where ideas flourish and innovation abounds
  • diverse (in the broadest sense)
  • a place where the world comes together
  • influential and innovative, and thus opening doors to global opportunities


Our Members live across the world.
Together they form our international collegium
of different disciplines, life stages and ethnicities.