2023 Midyear Fundraising/Membership  Appeal

Re-imagining our Future as a Graduate Union in the 21st century

This year’s mid-year appeal will focus on increasing our membership, especially recent and early career graduates. This is a joint appeal by the Fundraising & Benefactions and Membership & Marketing subcommittees of The Graduate Union Council.


Here’s How
We plan to make Graduate Union Membership more attractive and appealing to young members – indeed all members. And we are exploring ways to involve all age-groups and make better use of our excellent facilities.


Here’s Why
Approximately half of our members are over the age of 60. For The Graduate Union to be viable into the future we need to attract young and mid-career graduates to enjoy the benefits of membership that we all appreciate.


We are inviting you to nominate a new member, and for the 1st year this will be at a greatly reduced price.
Alternatively, we will use your donation to help recruit new members, especially young graduates.
Hopefully, new members will be self-supporting in future years.
We are also investigating additional ways of involving and supporting young members, e.g., through networking, mentoring, and social events.

This one-off Membership Offer will be $100.
(and not the normal fee of $150). (Additionally, we no longer charge a joining fee.)

Please note: As this is a fundraising membership drive, these donations will not be Tax Deductible.
We will have a ‘welcome to new members’ and a ‘thank-you to donors’ event later in the year.
Please donate before June 30th.

Click here for Member Nomination Form

Please complete the editable Membership Nomination form and send back as an attachment, or print and send back by post. If you prefer a hard copy of the form, please contact us and we will post you this slip to complete and a replied paid envelope. You may also call us on +61 3 9347 3428 or email us at admingh@graduatehouse.com.au to nominate a member.

We seek your support towards Re-imagining our Future as a Graduate Union in the 21st century

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