Car Parking

Short Term Car Parking

  • available for Members and those attending events at Graduate House
  • enter at the corner of Church Street and Malvina Place (see image and map below)
  • secure, clean and safe
  • open 7:30AM to 7:30PM weekdays (24/7 for longer term arrangements)
  • booked for one day or longer
  • best rates in the university precinct
  • ideal for visits to the nearby hospitals without the sting of their car park fees
  •  over 50 spaces
  • vehicle height limit of 2.17 metres
  • disability spaces

Longer Term Car Parking

Longer term car parking arrangements are available only to Members. Car park rates for different rental periods are shown below. A $150 bond is payable at term onset and is refunded at term subject to adherence to terms and conditions.

 non-memberper dayMemberper dayResidentper day
1 mth$330$11.00$260$8.67$190$6.33
1-6 mths$310$10.33$240$8.00$170$5.67
>6 mths$290$9.67$220$7.33$150$5.00

Car Park Online Form

Reach out to us
               +61 3 9347 3428