All Day

Semester 1

Semester One for most universities in Australia runs from February/March to May/June, the academic teaching year being aligned with the calendar year.

World Penguin Day

Coinciding with the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins, World Penguin Day is to raise awareness for the endangerment of these ice-born creatures, particularly through climate change affecting the distances […]

International Delegate’s Day

On 25th April 1945, delegates from 50 countries came together for the first time in San Francisco after the devastation of the Second World War to establish an organisation that […]

World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control. Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by […]


ANZAC is the acronym for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, a formation in which Australian and New Zealand soldiers in Egypt were grouped before the landing on Gallipoli […]



Celebrated by Muslims and a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, devotion and worship, Ramadan 2021 in Australia begins in the evening of 12th April and ends in the evening of […]