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Residents’ Feedback

    Examples of Feedback Received


“After coming to Graduate House, I met staff and other residents and they were so kind and helped me a lot. So Graduate House opened my eyes by giving me new experiences, new knowledge and opportunities to meet new people.”
– Ayako Honzawa

“What I like about Graduate House the most is the food and the ease of living here, which means I can more focus on my studies and don’t worry about other things.”
– Imogen She


“It has been a wonderful experience at GH. The perfect place to come to when one first arrives in Melbourne as the convenience, support and help provided is incredible. People should know that GH is a great jumpstart to a life a Melbourne. There are many other student accommodation sites here, but the only true way that one can assess if a place is “good” is via feedback from people who have actually stayed there. Anyone can paint a rosy picture, but it is only from experience that the truth is revealed.”
– Arunadevi Sathiaseelan

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to the GH accommodation and cleaning staff in particular. Having the cleaning done is so nice to come home to after work/uni. It allows me to get on with my commitments, especially when I’m busy. I’m really grateful. Thanks, guys!”
– David Allinson


“I just want to tell you that I really like the Graduate Union 2014 Calendar. It it really interesting to see an image and read about some of the world’s major (but less known to us) universities. Perhaps the 2015 Calendar could keep the series going.”
– Marja Berclouw

“The best ever student (postgraduate) accommodation that I’ve ever lived in. It has everything that you need: seven breakfasts and five dinners weekly, friends from the universities all over the world, and visiting scholars and professors from time to time. There are Meet and Greet dinner events held monthly, room cleaning weekly (very clean) and regular seminars on a diverse range of topics.
Are you a first timer in Australia without knowing anyone? No worries, within one week you will know everyone if you attend the meals every day and mingle with people. They all speak English (with various lovely accents), and you will feel more than welcome and a sense of belonging. I say this from my own experience of more than three years living at Graduate House! I would love to stay longer, but I have finished my study and am not a student any more. I am going away from Australia to another country for good in two weeks, but I will definitely come back to visit Graduate House in the future.
On top of that, I want to say thank you all – the lovely and friendly working staff from the CEO, Dr Kerry Bennett to Mr Daniel Clark and other office staff, the kitchen and the maintenance staff, the Duty Residents, Mattias and Tim, as well as all my friends at Graduate House!
Couldn’t imagine what it would be like without you guys in my life 🙂 ”
– Zoe Ma, Resident Member since 2011 and Duty Resident 2012

“I arrived back after a break to find my calendar waiting. I do like the theme of the photographs. Thanks!”
– Elizabeth Carvosso

“I wish to record my appreciation for being able to stay at Graduate House. What a superb facility and Apartment, along with the very pleasant lady that checked me in.”
– Russell Guckert

Thank you for your hospitality. I got a lot of work done and completed a book chapter for a University of Melbourne book to be published in 2015 and am happy.
– Resident Member

“As the holiday season is upon us and we reflect the past year, we remember the good experiences we had at The University of Melbourne and our stay at Graduate House. It was wonderful! Our one bedroom accommodation was perfect, comfortable, clean, well maintained and equipped with everything we needed. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly and we truly felt that we had found a home away from home. Thank you so much. We hope to return soon! Meanwhile, we wish everyone at Graduate House the joys of the season, a very happy holiday and the best the New Year has to offer! Thank you.”
– Kingsley and Susan Haynes, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA


“Excellent service from administration, housekeeping and catering staff. I would definitely recommend
Graduate House to friends and associates. Fantastic – Melbourne’s best kept secret for affordable, quality and secure accommodation in the company of other graduates. Just great!”
– Resident Member

“This was perfect to help me with my studies. So happy to be a Member. I will be back. Thanks so much to Diana, who helped me organise my stay with very little notice.”
– Resident Member

“Thank you for a really comfortable and enjoyable stay. It has been perfect for my academic visit.
Thank you for the friendly ethics, from the residents to all the staff. It makes it easy to feel at home.”
– Resident Member

“I had a lovely time while residing at Graduate House last year and appreciate the wonderful job the Graduate Union does!”
– Clea Grace

“I would like to drop a feedback note on the quality of the weekday meals. I notice that there is now an additional prepared dish (for example stir-fried vegetables) besides the main meat dish, and I really enjoy these. As I do not consume beef, having an alternative (besides steamed plain vegetables) does make the meal more enjoyable during the beef nights. I also enjoy the hot porridge and other freshly prepared foods at breakfast. Please convey my appreciation to the Chef and team and I hope they will continue with the sumptuous meals! Thank you very much!”
– Shiau Ching, Resident Member

“On behalf of my colleagues from the Philippines, I want to thank you for the pleasant stay and accommodation you provided for the past 11 days. Thank you to Mr Tim Stephens who took us to our rooms when we arrived last Jan 20th. He was very helpful to us during our entire stay. Thank you too for the cleaning ladies. We were quite happy to meet Ana as she is a fellow Filipino. We are glad she has found good work with you and wish her success. Thank you too for the cafeteria staff who did nourish us with good food, even on weekends and last Monday when it was a holiday. We are quite impressed with the Graduate House facilities and staff and the services you provided. Certainly we will recommend this place for colleagues or students or friends who might be visiting The University of Melbourne in the future.”
– Fe’ Nava

Fantastic – Melbourne’s best kept secret for affordable quality and secure accommodation in the company of other grads – just great!
– Resident Member

Thank you for a really comfortable and enjoyable stay. It has been perfect for my academic visit and the friendly ethos, from the residents to all the staff makes it easy to feel at home.
– Resident Member

Very nice – thank you!!!
– Resident Member

It’s a pity I didn’t realise this was available at the commencement of my course. Excellent accommodation!
– Resident Member

Our stay was wonderful. Special bonus was meeting so many interesting people at meals.
– Resident Member

All staff work hard and take every possible measure to make the most of it. I sincerely thank all of you. Diana, Nelly, Tim, Basma. The kitchen staff and the cleaning staff – for making my stay a memorable one.
– Dr Rosanne Godfrey


“Amazing value for the money, I couldn’t wish for more. Warm, clean, amazing food, very friendly staff and residents. It’s perfect for research trips when you are on a tight schedule”
– Resident Member

Thanks a million!
– Napoleon B.Ingenis

I would like to thank all staff members, residents, of the Graduate Union. I am really grateful that
I could stay here during my stay in Melbourne. It really contributed to the success of my academic experience here!
– Resident Member

Very nicely fitted out and most comfortable. Thank you.
– Resident Member

Meals were a highlight of Grad House, please thank the catering staff. When I came here for work with my placement they also commented the lunch was very good.
– Resident Member

We loved our stay at the Graduate House. Excellent facilities and so well located. The staff were very helpful.
– Resident Member

Thank you. As an interstate masters candidate needing a quiet place to complete my thesis, the Stella Langford wing was so perfect. Thank you very much.
– Resident Member

Goodbye, I love you and will miss you all!
– Resident Member


“Amazing value for the money, I couldn’t wish for more. Warm, clean, amazing food, very friendly staff and residents. It’s perfect for research trips when you are on a tight schedule”
– Resident Member

“We were welcomed with such enthusiasm by Tim that we knew we would feel at home. Tim told us
everything we could possibly need to know and the most advantageous ways of getting in and out of
the city. We hope to come again!”
– Resident Member

Thanks for all the memories.
– Resident Member

This was perfect to help me with my studies. So happy to be a member. I will be back! Thanks so much for Di who helped me to organise my stay with very little notice.
– Resident Member

Thank you for your wonderful organisation of which I am proud to be a member.
– Resident Member

Well designed, excellent value, worth membership just to access such excellent accommodation.
– Resident Member

Thank you! I am proud to be a member of GH.
– Resident Member

First rate in all respects, we had a wonderful stay. Thank you.
– Resident Member

The best place to stay in Melbourne. Particular thanks to the Kitchen staff who have shown that “canteen food” can be versatile and flavourful!
– Resident Member

My ideal home away from home. Great layout + every amenity. I love it!
– Resident Member

Great place to stay, close to the city. Lovely place to be close to the uni + Lygon st too.
– Resident Member

Great place to stay – very convenient and well appointed. Thanks!
– Resident Member

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