Christina Tan

Postgraduate Resident student at Graduate House.
Medicine Clinical Placement, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The University of Melbourne.

I’ve lived at Graduate House for the past year and a half whilst undertaking my medical placement at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which is just a convenient short stroll down Grattan Street.

I herald from Singapore, and find living at Graduate House allows me to enjoy my own unique sense of independence in Australia, without the isolation that many postgraduates can face during these gruelling times in their academic careers.

Residents are provided with nourishing meals, and dinner conversations at Graduate House are always on an array of academic topics which keeps things interesting.

At Graduate House, one finds themselves surrounded by wonderful, interesting people of all ages, ethnicities and disciplines.

It is a completely mature environment, where Post-Graduates can flourish and perform well in their studies and academic pursuits.

Dr Graham Mitchell

Past Resident.
Life Member.
Principal of Foursight,
Leading government advisor in life science and technology.

I’m glad to say I was one of Graduate House’s first postgraduate student residents in the late 60’s when I was undertaking my doctoral research. My time there was rewarding and memorable with many friendships made. My room was on the second story of the Leicester Street terraces overlooking what was then a bowling green. I understand this room is in the exact location that has been set aside for the Head of College’s office after completion of the Diamond Jubilee re-development.

It was during my time in Graduate House’s care (- if I recall, full board for $17 per week!) that I made discoveries in immunology at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Knowing that my discoveries would increase the pool of knowledge and one day perhaps make a difference in people’s lives was very motivating.

I completed my Doctorate in 1969. Graduate House was a launching pad for what was to come next – a life in biomedical research, global health, conservation and innovation.

Betsy Yu

Past postgraduate Resident student at Graduate House.
Master of Management Accounting, The University of Melbourne

Significant opportunities exist in Graduate house for residents to develop a life-wide education, including cultural, social, academic and professional development.

My favorite time at Graduate House was dinnertime. Here you would see a harmonious blend of diversified perspectives and inspirations. As a student in commerce, I was grateful for the excellent opportunity to learn from other residents, such as how to cure a horse, how to make glass, how the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will shape the world, how a physiotherapist should treat stroke patients etc. Moreover, Graduate House offers unrivalled opportunities for enhanced academic and professional development for residents, such us career mentoring programs, National Student Leadership Forum, coursework/research scholarship and so on.

Apart from a perfect location and well-designed catering service, there was always someone to share good times and interesting things with. There was always someone around to talk to and ask for advice or help.

Kelly Rothwell

Director (Registered Psychologist),
Women & Leadership Australia
Past postgraduate Resident student at Graduate House.
Master of Management Accounting, The University of Melbourne.

Graduate House is our venue of choice for all our leadership development workshops in Melbourne. Based in the beautiful Carlton, the venue is easily accessible for our clients, with car parking and public transport right there. Graduate House provides good sized rooms and resources, and if we are missing anything, the team are always willing and able to assist in providing.

The service is second to none, the venue is set the way we ask, the food is ready when we are, and team are welcoming and friendly.

Neil Taylor

Life Member.
Bachelor of Science (BSc),
The University of Melbourne.

The Graduate Union has kept me mentally agile throughout my years. The ongoing engagement of wisdom with fresh ideas continues to inspire me and improve all aspects of my life.

Because I am always curious about what is new in all disciplines, I regularly attend monthly luncheons and make the most of other lectures and functions organised by The Graduate Union and held at Graduate House.

I have made many friends and sound networks through the Association. This was of great assistance and reward during the early years of my business, and continues to be today as a retiree determined to be intellectually stimulated for decades to come.

I’ve pledged $25,000 to the Diamond Jubilee campaign and encourage anyone who believes in lifelong learning to do the same.

Anne Steinemann

Professor of Civil Engineering.
Chair of Sustainable Cities.

Graduate House is the perfect venue for conferences, meetings, social events, and more. Let me provide an example. I coordinate a subject in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering, with about 400 Master of Engineering students. We wanted our students to have the ability to interact with industry professionals and to present their research to them in a board room environment. We all agreed that Graduate House would be ideal. Graduate House was generously offered for an entire day to host the large group of students and professionals. The entire event was a success, thanks to the superb facilities, the delicious food and the wonderful staff. Students raved about their day at Graduate House and how the venue provided a unique environment for learning, interacting with industry and preparing for their future careers. We are deeply indebted to this great team and recommend Graduate House with the highest enthusiasm.