Election to Council – Stage 2 forms

As advised previously, the Election Kit contains the forms and information for Members who are nominating for election to the Council of The Graduate Union. It includes an outline of the election process and the stages for submitting a nomination (Stage 1) and material to inform the voting decisions of Members of The Graduate Union (Stage 2).

Please download and read the Election Kit for information about the Stage 2 forms as listed and summarised in the following table.

A ballot is required – we have thus given access to this page with only the Stage 2 online forms.


Stage 2 Forms If a ballot is necessary (as will be advised and forms will be made available), Forms 4, 5, 6 and 7 must be received by 4.00PM 18 March 2021
1.      Personal Statement and Photograph This is completed by the nominee. Should an election be called, the Personal Statement and a Photograph (if provided) will be included in the Ballot Material posted to all Members.
2.      Web Election Material This is completed by the nominee. Should a ballot (vote from Members) be necessary, it will be uploaded to the website on the same date as the Ballot Material is posted to all Members.
3.      Activities during Election Period The nominee is asked to provide information about any other material or information that has or is perceived to have relevance to the elections.
4.      Capability Statement This self-assessment is completed by the nominee to indicate capabilities for governance. It is not published.