Corporate Governance Annual Checklist

The Checklist is a tool to assist Council members to perform a quick 'health check' of the Association's corporate governance and identify opportunities for improvement. The checklist should be completed by all Council members and will be discussed at the next Council meeting.

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  • Fully effectiveSatisfactoryNeeds improvement
    1. To what extent is Council comprised of people with the necessary knowledge, ability and commitment to fulfil its governance responsibilities?
    2. To what extent do we understand the purposes of the Association?
    3. To what extent do we understand the objectives and strategies of the Association?
    4. To what extent do we know what information we require to exercise our governance responsibilities. and to what extent have we taken steps to obtain this information?
    5. Once informed, to what extent are we prepared to act to ensure objectives are met and that performance is satisfactory?
    6. To what extent have we fulfilled our own accountability obligations to those whose interest we represent by reporting to them on our organisation's performance?
  • On the bases of the answers to the above six questions, where should Council be taking action to improve its capacity and effectiveness?