World Cities Day

Cities occupy 2% of the world's total landmass, but contribute to 70% of the world's economy (GDP), 60% of its energy consumption, 70% of its greenhouse gas emissions, and 70% […]

Examination period

You have studied hard for this exam and deserve to do well. Keep calm and focused, and do your best. From all of us here at Graduate House, you will […]

Bridge Night

Graduate House 220 Leicester Street, Carlton, Victoria

Bridge Night is held every Wednesday of the month and is not restricted to Members of the Association. Players of all levels are most welcomed, with novices given full support […]


Diwali (Deepavli; Divali) -- the festival of lights -- is a celebration for Hindus, Jain and Sikhs. Usually lasting five days, the festival is held during the Hindu lunisolar month […]

World Tsunami Awareness Day

Tsunamis are giant ocean waves caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea. As the waves travel inland (sometimes at the speed of a jet plane), they get higher […]