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4 November, 2021 - 8 November, 2021

Diwali (Deepavli; Divali) — the festival of lights — is a celebration for Hindus, Jain and Sikhs. Usually lasting five days, the festival is held during the Hindu lunisolar month Kartika Diwali symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Various gods and goddesses are associated with this festival, including Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity, Sita and Rama (the latter having returned from a 14-year exile after defeating the evil Ravana), Vishnu, Krishna, Yama, Yami, Durga, Kali, Hanuman, Ganesha, Kubera, Dhanvantari or Vishvakarman.

Eco-friendly suggestions from Mallika for the 2021 Diwali celebrations include:

  • opting for old-school earthen oil diyas rather than plastic lights,
  • using loose flowers and colourful spices, such as turmeric, to make alpanas and rangolis instead of using oil paint and artificial colours;
  • avoiding fireworks as they are both environmentally unfriendly and scary for children and pets;
  • recycling light bulbs, candle-holders, diyas and agarbatti (incense) stands;
  • stitching old sarees together for a quilt or converting dupattas into pillow cases;
  • opting for organic gifts, such as plants and handicrafts, or green/chamomile tea combined with a ceramic mug;
  • wrapping gifts using plain paper, non-toxic paint and old newspapers;
  • trying dairy-free and sugar-free mithai options;
  • saving water by using eco-friendly and biodegradable plates and utensils, such as banana leaves and edible cutlery; and
  • celebrating with your friends and family under one roof instead of having multiple Diwali celebrations.



Image: Diwali