Semester 2

Semester 2 for most universities in Australia runs from July/August to November/December.  

Monthly Luncheon

Graduate House 220 Leicester Street, Carlton, Victoria

Bridge Night

Graduate House 220 Leicester Street, Carlton, Victoria

Bridge Night is held every Wednesday of the month and is not restricted to Members of the Association. Players of all levels are most welcomed, with novices given full support […]

National Walk to Work Day

Sponsored by the Australian government and supported by all state and territory governments in this country, National Walk to Work Day involves, as the name suggests, walking to and from […]

International Day of Charity

Charity means generosity, aid and helpfulness, especially toward the needy or suffering. International Day of Charity marks the death date of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997), who received the Nobel […]

Father’s Day

Though fathers have been honoured since early Christian times through celebrations like St Joseph's Day, the modern-day version started in the United States with both a remembrance service for 360 […]

National Threatened Species Day

National Threatened Species Day is celebrated across Australia to raise awareness of plants and animals at risk of extinction. It marks the death date in captivity of the last known […]

International Literacy Day

As outlined by the United Nations, 773 million adults and young people lack basic literacy skills and 617 million children and adolescents are not achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading […]