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JobFocus gives the opportunity for a small group of Members to discuss their experiences in gaining employment after having gained their postgraduate qualifications.

Together the group also weighs up the advantages and disadvantages of different job-seeking approaches, as well as possible solutions to the many challenges involved.

The following are examples of the questions discussed at just one JobFocus session:

  • In order to enter the job market, particularly to work in large firms, should you apply for entry-level junior positions or at the level appropriate for an applicant with postgraduate qualifications?
  • What should you do when a positive networking experience (‘Yes, get in touch — I would love to help’) is followed by no responses to further communications?
  • How do you achieve the balance between ‘doormat’ or ‘soft fruit’ and being too confident?
  • What should you include in a cover letter?
  • What are the best approaches for video interviews and how are these analysed?


Job Focus

All Resident Members are most welcome to attend.

JobFocus Meetings are held throughout the year, Monday evenings after dinner. We will keep you informed of the dates through the weekly Newsletter.

Please note that due to existing social distancing and self-isolation measures currently in place as the result of COVID-19, JobFocus Group meetings will be held through Zoom.

The next JobFocus will be held 15th April 2020, please register your attendance below. We will send you the Zoom meeting link closer to the date.

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