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Your bequest will assist us to continue providing high quality affordable college accommodation for post-graduate students and researchers from all over the world.

Such an endowment will help to provide more funding, networking and career opportunities for graduates at all life stages.

Your generosity will allow us to preserve and grow a proud membership institution that is owned and run by its Members.

We want to continue to honour in perpetuity those, like you, who have supported our Union and our House through bequests.

If providing for our Association in your Will please submit the on-line Intent to Bequest form below; or download this form and send it to 220 Leicester Street, Carlton, VIC, 3053 Australia or

The first meeting in 1911
Dierdre Walsh, 2011

The Graduate House Society is grateful to those who have chosen to remember The Graduate Union and Graduate House in their will.

Mr William (Bill) Eveleigh Berry

Dr Thomas Ronald Albert Davey

Miss Barbara Anne Funder

Mrs Margaret Munro Hendy

Miss Stella Mary Langford

Dr Phillip Garth Law CBE AC

Miss Kathleen Margaret Peace Rankin

Mr Frank Leslie Stillwell OBE

Graduate House Society booklet



A booklet with information about the Graduate House Society and what you as a member gain by joining with others to sustain and grow our Union and our House.

Graduate House Society

The Graduate House Society has been formed to recognise those who have chosen to remember The Graduate Union and Graduate House in their Will. All who make such a bequest are invited to become Members.

As a valued member of this Society you will be invited to an annual luncheon and other functions where the CEO/Head of College and Council Members will outline recent achievements and plans for the future.

The Graduate House Society will provide a forum to assist with the wording of your bequest and with amendments to your Will when there are changes in law and should your philanthropic preferences change.

Forty years ago, I stayed at Graduate House. I was new to Australia. You welcomed me and gave me a roof over my head, clean linen and good meals. You supported me as I established the foundations of a very successful career. I became part of important networks with graduates in Melbourne and across the world. Now, as I near the end of my career, I find it only fitting to thank Graduate House in my Will. I want others to experience what I experienced and to have the same opportunities.

Past Resident

Being part of the small graduate community here, I have been able to meet and foster friendships with people from different disciplines, from different walks of life and from countries that I had seen only on maps before. The Graduate Union nurtures graduates with awards. I am indeed grateful to be the recipient of the Graduate House Research Scholarship. This funding has helped me progress medical research that I believe will make a very real difference internationally.

Current Resident

Funding Areas

In making a bequest you are able to choose how to support our vision. As a member of the Graduate House Society you will be kept informed of the evolving strategic objectives and identified needs of the organisation in the years ahead. You will thus be well positioned to change your bequest at any time.

To provide support in the broadest way you might choose to direct your bequest to the Association’s charitable purposes of education and social good. Your bequest will thus be applied to the priority needs and strategies of our Union and House at the time.

Your bequest could enhance our House by contributing to the maintenance and expansion of our properties. Many of the facilities enjoyed by Members and guests today are the result of the generosity of benefactors in the past.

Your endowment might be directed to such resident initiatives as Research Talks, Welcome Dinners and the Annual Ball, as well as to residents in need. Like Sidney Myer in 1926 who funded the Monthly Luncheons that continue to this day, you may choose to direct your bequest to support the existing and new collegial activities of our Union in perpetuity.

This endowment fund provides bursaries and scholarships to allow talented students to reside at Graduate House. Awards recognise study, career and caring role achievements.

Intent to Bequest

If you have decided to make a bequest to The Graduate Union and Graduate House in your will we would be grateful to know so that we can invite you to become a Member of the Graduate House Society. We hope to thank you during your lifetime in the manner that you would prefer. We hope also to understand your intentions for your bequest so that we can implement these intentions appropriately.

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