12th April – The Live Below The Line lunch on the 10th May raised over $1,100 from donations and participation.

Hosted for the first time at Graduate House, the lunch gave the opportunity to experience the typical meal of those living below the poverty line.

Adjusted to reflect the Australian equivalent, and veering from the traditional Oaktree challenge which is to live on $2 a day, rather than to pay $2 for just one meal, the humble food on offer was lentil soup and plain pasta, as well as bread and butter pudding.

Sashenka Worsman, Chief Executive of Oaktree said that through the funding raised from Live Below The Line events, Oaktree has implemented various educational and youth empowerment projects across the Asia Pacific region.

Their biggest success has been in Cambodia where they aimed to increase the standard of education in secondary schools.“The project was so incredibly successful, that model has now been replicated as International Policy by the Cambodian government,” said Ms Worsman.

Ms Worsman said that she hopes that the lunch prompts a conversation around the poverty line.

More than 100 people participated in the lunch and lauded Oaktree, which is run by around 150 volunteers all under the age of 27 years.

“I’m delighted to be here to support a wonderful young Australian group,” said Cr Keith Ryall.

“Isn’t it great for Australia and Australians that we’ve got such a wonderful young group of people making Australia great and spreading the gospel of what a great country Australia is,” added Cr Paul Southwick.

Graduate House thanks all who attended and donated to this worthy cause of breaking the poverty cycle. Please be assured that your $2 meal payments, as well as all additional donations were forwarded to Oaktree in full. We are proud of our staff for having donated over half of this gift to Oaktree.

You can watch Sashenka’s speech from the day, below: