Nomination for Election to Council and Disqualification Declaration

The Election Kit contains the forms and information for Members who are nominating for election to the Council of The Graduate Union. It includes an outline of the election process and the stages for submitting a nomination (Stage 1) and material to inform the voting decisions of Members of The Graduate Union (Stage 2).

Please download and read the Election Kit for further information about the Stage 1 and Stage 2 forms to be submitted. The following tables list the forms to be completed and a brief summary of each.

This page makes available only the Stage 1 online forms. Should a ballot be required, online forms for Stage 2 will be made available.



Stage 1 Forms Forms 1, 2 and 3 must be received by Close of Nominations: 4.00PM 11 March 2021
1.      Nomination Form This is completed by three Members of The Graduate Union: a proposer and a seconder for the nominee, and the nominee for election to Council – this is in the first part of the online Nomination for Election to Council form (below)
2.      Disqualification Declaration This is a declaration by the nominee that they are not disqualified for a governing role. It is seen by Council and not made public – this is the second part of the online Nomination for Election to Council form (below)
3.      Australia-wide Criminal History Check A national police check for TYPE Volunteer-unpaid (general) and REASON FOR CHECK – Director of Board. Go to



Stage 2 Forms If a ballot is necessary (as will be advised and forms will be made available), Forms 4, 5, 6 and 7 must be received by 4.00PM 18 March 2021
1.      Personal Statement and Photograph This is completed by the nominee. Should an election be called, the Personal Statement and a Photograph (if provided) will be included in the Ballot Material posted to all Members.
2.      Web Election Material This is completed by the nominee. Should a ballot (vote from Members) be necessary, it will be uploaded to the website on the same date as the Ballot Material is posted to all Members.
3.      Activities during Election Period The nominee is asked to provide information about any other material or information that has or is perceived to have relevance to the elections.
4.      Capability Statement This self-assessment is completed by the nominee to indicate capabilities for governance. It is not published.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

Australia-wide Criminal History Check

This section provides guidelines on undertaking an Australia-wide Criminal History Check (also known as a Police Check). An Australia-wide Criminal History Check contains a confirmation via a report that a person to whom it relates either has no ‘disclosable’ convictions or has a ‘disclosable’ conviction that is detailed in the report.

A ‘disclosable’ conviction is one that is recorded by the court and has not been rehabilitated or spent under the Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 and, in the case of Commonwealth convictions, the Crimes Act 1914 (Commonwealth), and does not breach the confidentiality provisions of the Youth Justice Act 1992.

The nominee is required to undertake a ‘Name Only’ Australia-wide Criminal History Check. This Check is based on a search of the nominee’s name against the criminal history records held by police services Australia-wide. The Australia-wide Criminal History Check is completed on-line at

Click ‘START A NEW POLICE CHECK’ to enter information into the on-screen fields. The name entered must correspond to the name given on the Nomination Form.

In the Check Type section:

  • for the question ‘Will you have unsupervised access with children and/or vulnerable people?’ select ‘No access’;
  • under Check type select Unpaid Volunteer;
  • under Volunteer Role type in Board Member;
  • under Proposed place of work type in The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne Inc.

Indicate agreement to the Privacy and terms statements, click Save and Continue, and after receiving an email from National Crime Check, enter (manually – not copy and paste) the confirmation code that is sent to your email address and complete the Applicant Verification process.

Following confirmation of the payment total for a Volunteer-General check with Email only Dispatch (and no added Right to Work in Australia) click CONTINUE to be taken to the screen for credit card payment.

** The Association will reimburse payment for the National Criminal History Check upon receipt of a tax invoice.

Following payment, complete, check and submit the application. Most Australia-wide Criminal History Checks are completed in 24 to 48 hours (that is, one to two days), with a report being sent by email to the nominee.

The Australia-wide Criminal History Check report for the nominee must be received
by the Returning Officer (email by 4.00PM 11 March 2021.

The Australia-wide Criminal History Check (Police Check) is valid at the time of issue and report only on offences up to this date. It does not have an expiry date. The Association reserves the right to request an up-to-the-minute Check from a nominee and to accept an older Check on request.