The website

  • Fund Lifelong Learning is a crowdfunding platform developed by The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne.
  • This platform is open to everyone — individuals, professionals, academics, non-for-profit organisations, companies and more, to either create fundraising ventures or for those who just want to be a part of an idea by way of financial support towards a venture.
  • Our focus is to be a crowdfunding platform for academic, economic and social good, research, development and sustainability — in adherence to the 17 United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • You can crowdfund for People, Programs and Places within these areas of support.
    • Crowdfunding for people includes for your own personal learning and development, or for another individual.
    • Programs such as seminars, activities and more for a group of people.
    • Places — to expand or acquire buildings and facilities that advance education, research, development and social good.
  • Some examples include crowdfunding for research ideas, skill development, for your education; you can also initiate and run programs, awareness drives or seminars or can fundraise to get a place to run these programs for education, development and social good.

Creating and Supporting Crowdfunding posts

  • To create a crowdfunding post for your venture, all you have to do is register and create your profile on the site for free. You can donate directly to a venture without actually creating an account.
  • On your profile you can create as many ventures as you like, which will be published on approval. Here, you have the authority to tailor, market, share and run your own venture.
  • We have a series of Creators Guidelines to give you tips and ideas on how to create your venture and marketing plans.
  • The more you share and rally your venture to your networks and online community, the better and faster the chance to reach your target goal.
  • Creating and developing your own venture is an excellent way to enlarge your network and to give you experience in managing and marketing a project.

Call to Residents to join the Fund Lifelong Learning — Crowdfunding Working Party

  • The platform significantly relies on you for your feedback and suggestions during this period of soft launch. Based on this, we are seeking to establish a working party for the crowdfunding website.
  • Positions are open and available to those interested. This is an excellent opportunity for you to develop cross-industry skills in management, digital marketing and governance. Those who are already part of other groups and working parties can still apply — it is never a bad thing to develop a whole cohort of skills, especially when it is applicable across industries.
  • If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback regarding the site, please do let us know by sending us an email or you can talk to us directly.

What you can learn/gain from being a part of the working party:

Fund Lifelong Learning is an online cross-border, cross-discipline Crowdfunding platform that has the potential to facilitate actionable ventures promoting lifelong learning, education, research, development and sustainability across the globe. By being a part of the working group for the website, you will:

  • Develop skills fundamental to the creation, administration and promotion of this online platform.
  • Acquire communication and cross-industry skills in management, marketing and governance.
  • Ability to work in a team to develop creative ideas and solutions addressing website development, structure and design; content writing; fundraising; and social and digital marketing.
  • Opportunities to enlarge your online network.

What you will provide to the working party:

  • Individual ideas, comments and feedback on the working and functionality of the website and its marketing.
  • Generate conversation with Residents Members across diverse cultures, age groups, sex and disciplines to understand and collate their feedback on the website.
  • Creativity and skill to turn ideas, suggestions, feedback and complaints into actions which are affordable, doable and measurable.
  • Market the website to network groups and social media platforms.
  • Create and champion crowdfunding posts on the website.
  • Contribute to working-group-matters benefitting the website.
  • Attend meetings as necessary to ensure representation and a voice from different ages, sexes, cultures and academic/research disciplines.

Contact Us

For further information or to register your involvement in the Crowdfunding Working Party 2018, contact us at or sign up using the form below.