The Graduate Union will be hosting a Live Below The Line Lunch, the Oaktree campaign to raise funds for education for those in extreme need across the Asia Pacific.

This Wednesday, May 10, a simple three course meal of lentils, pasta and bread pudding will cost just $2 – the Australian equivalent of the poverty line.

Many families and individuals rely on $2 or less to pay for all expenses, not just food, leaving many children unable to attend school.

The Live Below The Line campaign, which has seen over 10,000 participants over the last seven years, offers a glimpse of what it is like to live in poverty, albeit a brief glimpse that starts a much needed conversation around poverty, hunger and a lack of education in the world’s most vulnerable areas.

Sashenka Worsman, chief executive of Oaktree says that through the funding raised from Live Below The Line events Oaktree has been able to implement various education and youth empowerment projects across the Asia Pacific region.

Their biggest success has been in Cambodia where they implemented a project to try and increase the standard of education in secondary schools.

“The project was so incredibly successful that that model has now been replicated as International Policy by the Cambodian government,” said Ms Worsman.

“While the funds go directly to creating change, it is also creating real lasting systemic and sustainable change,” she said.

Ms Worsman said that as Oaktree is run by young volunteers, the funds raised encouraging young people to stand up in what they believe and fuel their capacity to do that.

For those undecided on whether to attend, Ms Worsman says that the lunch gives an understanding of what it is like to live in poverty and what it is like to go through it as a community.

“Coming to lunch for a few hours is your way of supporting this and your way of supporting young people who are running this campaign and saying we believe you and we’ve got your back,” she said.

“I think the more people that hear this message, the more important it becomes.”

Ms Worsman is excited to see the lunch at Graduate House. “I think Graduate House is a group of learned and very intelligent individuals coming to speak about an issue that is actually one of the greatest challenges we are facing as a society,” she said.

“Over lunch, I’m hoping we’ll have resolutions come out of it as well and people talking about it more and more as an issue that can’t be solved by one or two people.”

Your bookings and donations are most welcome to help raise funds for the world’s most vulnerable. Help break the poverty cycle today.