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International Collegium

Our Members live across the world. Together they form our international collegium of different disciplines, life stages and ethnicities.

If you are a past resident of Graduate House, click here to register online (for free) with our Graduate Union College Alumni (GUCA). You can also join the GUCA Facebook group.

Our Union and our House are committed to the 17 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Take a look below at our small steps towards increasing our global citizenship footprint – and join us.

international collegium

Graduate Union College Alumni

The Graduate Union College Alumni (GUCA) are our past residents located around the world. They are our ambassadors, providing networking and opportunities for other graduates to help with placements, career development, employment and business referrals.

GUCA also share the memories of Graduate House – a unique graduate-only collegial experience of significance to their ‘graduate pathway’.

Please keep in touch

If you have ever stayed (one night to several years) at Graduate House you are automatically (and at no cost) a member of our GUCA.

By telling us where you are, what you are doing now, and your memories of Graduate House we hope to learn how the Graduate Union influenced your life.

We need help in finding our past residents – our GUCA

Records about residents from 1962 to 2009 have been misplaced – we thus seek now to reestablish contact with over 10,000 college alumni in our international collegium.

Visit and join our GUCA Facebook group.

Add to the time-line, posting information about when you were at Graduate House, why you were here and what you have done since.

Upload photographs from that time and of your subsequent ‘graduate pathway’.

To register with GUCA you can also complete this online form.

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