The JobFocus Group convenes every two or three weeks with the aim of assisting earlier career Members gain employment. Though informal, these sessions are interactive, intensive and comprehensive, giving much opportunity to share experiences and strategies along the job seeking journey.

Discussions to date have been on how best to research and prepare or the job market, resume and curriculum vitae compositions, techniques for face-to-face, group, telephone and automated interviews, cover letter styles, body language and the ins and outs of the highly competitive graduate recruitment program cycle. Additionally, a range of experiences, thoughts and feelings about the job seeking process are aired.

The most recent session included conversations on persistence and positivity, on the maintenance of hope in the face of uncertainty, and on learning from negative comments to grow. The world of work is complex and hard for everyone! This group has proven to be much needed for the many Members currently looking for work in a relatively hostile employment market.

Congratulations are extended to Henry Zheng, Haya Daghlas, Betsy Yu and Parisa Shiran for obtaining employment.

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