To celebrate 60 years since the purchase of The Graduate Union’s first home, Gladstone Terrace, we are proud to have launched our Diamond Jubilee Campaign. One element of the campaign has been the videos created by film-maker Mike Worsman that showcase the sense of community and support the Graduate House has extended to its Members over many years. Excerpts from these videos give testimony to what Graduate House stands for, and to the experience of our college as much more than a place of residence — it is a family, it is a place of collaboration for Members who hail from diverse disciplines, ages and background, and it is a second home.

Ayako Honzawa

Graduate House opened my eyes by giving me new experience, new knowledge and opportunities to meet new people. If I described Graduate House in five words I would say, ‘love’, ‘friendship’, ‘food’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘giving back’.


Nouman Daud Sharif
It’s about interacting with people, about personal and professional development. You can be sitting next to anyone: fellow students, a professor from the University, or an industry professional. Interacting with all of these people, you learn so much, and when you’re sitting next to anyone who is from another part of the world – the cultural exchange – it is amazing!
Cassandra Gheorghe and her mother, Marina Gheorge
Cassandra: This is a great experience to be here because we get to meet so many different cultures and talk with so many different people on different subjects. Every night you just eat with somebody else.


Marina: Very quickly, I felt reassured because the Graduate House is a safe, convenient, cosy and very supportive place to be. And everybody is very helpful, and we felt quite at home really quickly.
Shubham Rawal
Coming from India, I actually was a little nervous because I thought it was going to be difficult, and it was for a couple of days maybe. But just because of the environment, just because everybody sits in the same place and talks, and, everyone was just so welcoming. So, I made friends really fast. And it was kind of comforting.
Graham Mitchell
Graduate House was a launching pad for my professional career. One of the nice things about a redevelopment, a refurbishment, or an expansion – painting on a bigger canvas – is that many more will be able to enjoy the experience I had. And if in 50 years from now, they can look back and say, well, what an experience that was, exactly how I think about my memories of Graduate House, then this will have been a good thing.
Zizhao (Imogen) She
Graduate House is like another family to me. You can meet lots of people from different countries and who share different values, but we really have something in common. That’s friendship and also honesty, integrity that we share, and it’s really nice to see this organisation is bringing all different kinds of minds together and having a positive impact on our world.


Ligia Veliz
When I first arrived at Graduate House for a literature conference, I was blown away by the energy of the place.
It’s a place where many other people gather to just collaborate and keep learning and growing, so I think that it’s the place to have meetings. And the organisation also cares about solving the world’s issues, and you can sense that feeling of support and interest in what you come and do here, and what you talk about.
Junzhu (Roza) Jiang
Living at Graduate House has been really great because it was a place for me to collaborate with people from my field and also with other people from different fields, just learning about general knowledge. It will be so exciting to see Graduate House expand in the future, because there will be more space for people from different parts of the world to all come and collaborate together, and maybe even solve some of the world’s problems.
Callum Henry McNair
I think that where Graduate House really helps the world, or changes the world, is by allowing students to achieve their best while they’re spending time at universities around Melbourne, such as Melbourne University.
Graduate House is only going to grow in size as the Australian education sector grows. It’s really a natural development.
Dr Ken V Loughnan AO, President of The Graduate Union
We’re looking for strong support to make that happen for so many people who are coming forward in the academic life, and who will in their own lives achieve so much more from the foundation that we helped build for them. In the future, we’re looking forward to an opportunity to take that forward on a much larger scale, with much better facilities, to reach out to thousands more people.