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Dining Room Feedback

Examples of feedback received


“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Cant get much better than excellent. Keep up doing what you do so well (individually & collectively). On going presence of staff says it all about management, team
spirit and customer satisfaction.”
– J.A Mulholland

“Very nice welcome, looked after 2 oldies very well. An enjoyable event. ”
– Robert Lennie

“Despite the increase in the price the value is still excellent. Especially when the calamari was beautifully cooked as today. Well done.”
– John Johnson

“The lamb chickpea soup was truly excellent.”
– John Hasker

“A great diversity of food and cuisine. The lunches are filling and satisfying. The staff always friendly, approachable and talkative. It is always a joy to have lunch at Graduate House.”
– James Henshall

“How do you get better than best. Keep doing what you are doing.”
– Anne M

“Best soup I have had in years.”
– Dr George Luk OAM

“I particularly appreciate the warm friendly atmosphere, the quiet areas, the women’s forum, the monthly luncheon. Since my husband died in May 2016 Graduate House has been a centre for new beginnings.”
– Jo Elvins

“The group from the Women’s forum come to lunch after a fruitful discussion. We always enjoy good food, a chance to meet up with new colleagues. No improvements needed. Thank you all.”
– Margaret Mayers

“I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved. The chowder served at Christmas in July was delicious.”
– Marcia Roche

“No improvement needed. The attentive service and excellent value for money cant be improved on. The attention is given in such a way that makes one feel special.”
– Andrea Casey

“I always enjoy my visits here so keep up the good work.”
– Emily Cross

“The Spaghetti Marinara was absolutely delicious and hot. Thank you. I look forward to future tastings. The special fried rice was also adequately delicious.”
– Pauline Henthorn

“Christmas in July has been wonderful this year.”
– Darren Room

“Keep up the good work.”
– Heather Kudeviita

“The Christmas in July lunch was beautiful. Great to see so much gluten free variety. Perhaps you should consider accreditation with the the Coeliac society of Victoria and Tasmania.”
– Eva V Aheen

“It is always a pleasure to have lunch at Graduate House. It is a pleasure to enjoy the well cooked secret recipes made from delicious produce.”
– Pauline Henthorn

“Congratulations on such a high standard of cuisine, staff delightful – always enjoy the ambience of the Women’s forum group. Well done.”
– Margaret Mayers

“We loved the entrees, we loved the Fisherman’s basket, we were most impressed that when requested we were even offered a cheese platter. Thank you.”
– John Johnson


“The food lately has been really great. Especially in terms of the steamed vegetable, soup, and salad options. I’m not vegetarian, but it’s really nice to have vegetable options available because otherwise I’d be going crazy on all the other delicious options. It’s also really great that we’re getting fruit more regularly. The oranges we had recently were amazing. Everyone really appreciates it. Thanks, guys!”
– David Allinson

“I don’t know how you could improve but I want to affirm our appreciation of the way you care for us so well. As an occasional soup maker I really enjoy the diversity of soups and the willingness of Nelson and Basma to reveal the ingredients. ”
– Mac Nicoll

“We really enjoy the Bistro as is – friendly, efficient service, good variety of tasty food and pleasant, peaceful atmosphere. Well done.”
– Wendy Graham

“Much impressed by crowd management, specially separating the two queues. LOVED the mixed vegetables.”
– John Johnston

“We always look forward to our meal here, and only rarely we are disappointed.”
– John Johnson

“Having been absent for several months following injuries from a near death fall, it was a pleasure to return to the dining room. The welcome I got from Basma and Nelson was sensational.”
– John Hasker

“The Christmas in July lunch today was superb. Great Turkey and chicken, smoked salmon and the wonderful berry pudding and pavlova. Delightful.”
– Anonymous

“What a delightful Wednesday roast! The meat was thin & tender the mint sauce was so tasty, the vegetables complementary to the meal.”
– Mac Nicoll

“The Wednesday roast is usually quite delightful with beautifully roasted vegetables and a variety of great roasted meats. The desserts are delightful.”
– Darren Room

“I love the way Basma does cabbage both white and red. The lamb shanks were tasty and tender. Thank you and thanks for the prize. ”
– Marg Nicoll

“Wonderful staff. A roast dinner is always welcome if one lives alone.”
– Elizabeth Carvosso

“Thank you for helping me celebrate my February birthday. I had lunch with the Women’s Forum. Chicken was excellent!”
– Margaret Mayers

“We were very impressed today – despite the large crowd it was not too noisy. Excellent. ”
– John Johnson

“Always a pleasure to come. Always made to feel so welcome.”
– Olive Hamilton

“Happy New Year! Beautiful lunch today- chicken tandoori, slow cooked lamb, vegetable fricassee & fennel – all excellent -thank you.”
– Marg Nicoll

“Keep it up your staff are your greatest asset.”
– Lindsay Doig

“On 14/1/2016 the soup was superb. My wife loved the bread and butter custard dessert.”
– R. Trahair


“Everything is fantastic as always. I have the best experience every time I dine here.”
– Kash Wadhwa

“Fabulous, friendly, its like family.”
– David Wilson

“Always so pleasant and welcoming.”
– Olive Hamilton

“This is my first visit and I will return.”
– Natalie Gray

“Great to be back in the new year and receive warm welcome from Kerry, Bill and Basma.”
– John Hasker

“Everyone is so professional I cannot suggest any improvement, excellent staff.”
– Ena Ahern


“To Rosie, Bill and the staff of the Graduate Union, Thank you so much for making my 90th birthday celebration such a wonderful event – we all had a very happy time together. I would happily recommend the Graduate Union (the venue, the service and the catering) for a celebration of a family event such as mine.”
– Betna Dryden

“Always made to feel welcome and with gluten free food.”
– Olive Hamilton

“The meal was very good today and we are looking forward to the next time.”
– Marlies Johnson

“The desserts were good.”
– John Johnson

“I can’t fault the excellent standard of warm customer service – very professional – and the gluten free menu is great. Just wish I could come in more frequently.”
– Ena Ahern

“Keep up the good work. Staff are great.”
– Lindsay Doig

“Staff, staff, Staff – makes the place special. Just keep doing what you do!”
– Heather Wheat

“The chocolate mousse, I believe, was excellent. My husband had two!”
– Marlie Johnson

“Always a great place to come to!”
– Elizabeth Carvoso

“Beautiful atmosphere thank you. I will come more often.”
– Anonymous

“Nice environment”
– Joann Yang

“May 2014 continue to maintain this quality.”
– Ena Ahern

“A huge group hug of appreciation to ALL the staff at Graduate House.
What a great year it’s been and what a great team you are! From kitchen to Council, front-of-house in the office and bistro and the army of people behind the scenes who make Graduate House the place members are glad to belong to and who prompt visitors to consider joining, you have given us all another year of fun, satisfying, socialising and stimulating mental challenges.
Thank you all for excellent service and warm and friendly welcomes to members and visitors alike.
That’s what keeps us coming back.
May your holiday season provide a restful and restorative time with family and friends. With best wishes from both of us.”
– James and Anne Mulholland


“I visit the Graduate House dining room regularly. The customer service is very welcoming, the variety
of buffet menu couldn’t be better and excellent value for money. There is always a reason to come to
Graduate House.”
– Member, Jennifer Gill

“I always enjoy my meals here.”
– Margaret Hendy

“Very pleasant venue for our monthly get-togethers.”
– Heather Kudeviita

“Service swift and friendly. We’re glad we came early. The carpark is excellent.”
– Alexander Macleod Nicoll

“Very friendly and helpful staff.”
– Cecelia Nutter

“Great to have regional cuisine. More please…!”
– Marie Dowling

“It is always enjoyable.”
– Elizabeth Carvosso

“There is no box [on the feedback cards] for more than excellent.”
– Fiona McConnell

“Sticky date pudding – nice, light and fluffy — yummy!”
– Jennifer Gill

“Attended the Women’s Forum and enjoyed a delightful lunch afterwards. Could not be improved anyway. Well done.”
– Margaret Mayers

“Staff are brilliant – it is like Sunday at home with the family.”
– Lindsay Doig

“Excellent customer service. The staff make me feel a part of the “family”. There is excellent food and value for money, as my waistline will attest … Just keep it coming!”
– Heather Wheat

“I visit once every two months. Top marks for customer service and food buffet variety. As a person with coeliac disease, Head Chef Kris always looks after me so well.”
– Life Member

“Customer service, food value and variety – just excellent! Well done!”
– Dr Suraj Pandey

“Everything is excellent, top marks!”
– Sumah Sedai

“Value for money, great customer service, warm welcome … always enjoyable. Staff are very pleasant and helpful. As a big fish eater, I always enjoy Friday menus.”
– Ena Ahern

“Good customer service. Excellent buffet menu. Great value.”
– Marie Dowling

“I visit twice or more a week. Everything is excellent as always.”
– Roscoe Howell

“Excellent customer service and good buffet variety. I used my birthday voucher – Thank You – and Marwa setup a table for me – terrific customer service!”
– Graeme Hart

“The mid-year Christmas party was superb! Well done …”
– Jennifer Gill

“Excellent customer service, buffet variety and value. Amazing and friendly staff.”
– Jay Solanki

“Excellent customer service, buffet variety and value for money. It is good to be able to use the members’ carpark.”
– Alison Harcourt

“I visit regularly – excellent customer service, buffet variety and great value. Good to have themes throughout the year, maybe for every season!”
– Orazio Francavilla

“Excellent customer service, buffet variety and value. The menu was varied and very tasty. Our compliments to the Chef for the delightful soup.”
– Susan Sahhar

“I visit often. Thank you for the excellent customer service and meal.”
– John Katopodis

“I visit every week. Great food, great decor, great place to eat and I enjoy lunch time.”
– Dr Suraj Pandey

“Customer service and buffet variety is excellent and great value for money. The Christmas in July was excellent.”
– Darvi Sam

“I visit once a month – excellent customer service, buffet variety and great value. Please continue the friendly atmosphere.”
– John Johnson

“I visit once every few months, the customer service and buffet variety is excellent and food is good value for money. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
– Marie Iglesias

“I visit the Graduate House dining room about once a month. The customer service is excellent. Great variety of buffet menu and excellent value for money. I used my complimentary birthday card and am delighted to be with the Forum ladies.”
– Life member, Margaret Mayers

“I visit the Graduate House dining room about twice a month. The customer service is excellent. Great variety of buffet menu and excellent value for money.”
– Life member, Elisabeth Carvosso

“I would like to thank you and the staff for your birthday card and best wishes. As I will be in the United Kingdom on the day and for a few weeks, thereafter, I will not be able to enjoy your hospitality but look forward to future functions on my return. With best wishes.”
– Elisabeth Butt

“I visit the University Graduates Club dining room about once a week. The customer service is excellent and there is great variety on the buffet menu and it is excellent value for money.”
– Heather Kudeviita

“I visit the University Graduates Club dining room about once a month. There is excellent customer service as well as variety on the buffet menu. Great value for money. Best in Melbourne!”
– John Johnson

“I visit the University Graduates Club Bistro once a week. The customer service is excellent and there is a good variety on the buffet. It is excellent value for money.”
– Vince Collina, Member

“The BBQ was excellent – great food and our guests especially liked having both indoor and outdoor seating options. The staff were attentive too. A great evening.”
– Carole Hinchcliff

“I visit the University Graduates Dining Room about twice or more a week. The customer service is excellent and staff are always helpful. There is a good variety on the Buffet menu and it is excellent value for money. The surroundings are pleasant and the instrumental background music is excellent.”
– Marguerita Adam

“The customer service is excellent – it is always a pleasure to be greeted by smiling friendly faces. The corned beef is just like Mum’s cooking. The meals are great value for money. Why go anywhere else?.
The staff are amazingly enthusiastic and energetic considering their short break after the Christmas rush.”
– James Mulholland

“This is my first visit. The ambience and acoustics are very good. The staff are helpful, very thoughtful, and customer service is excellent.”
– Ian Paxton

“I visit the Graduate House dining room regularly, about once every fortnight and find that everyone is always happy and smiling. I love the roasts on Wednesdays. It is always good.”
– Cathy Lawrence

“Excellent customer service. There is great variety on the buffet menu and I would definitely return.”
– K. Truscott


“I visit the Graduate House dining room regularly. The customer service is very welcoming, the variety
of buffet menu couldn’t be better and excellent value for money. There is always a reason to come to
Graduate House.”
– Member, Jennifer Gill

“First of all, thank you most sincerely for organising and executing my party lunch so well. The food
was delicious, the service impeccable, and thank you for accommodating my error with the numbers so smoothly and without fuss or complaint. Once again, many thanks – also to Rosie for initiating the function. We plan to be in for lunch before Christmas.”
– Pat Phair

“Congratulations to the Graduate Union Committee for planning a lively and stimulating mix of activities.”
– Judith Oliver Brand

“I love the seafood buffet.”
– Heather Kudeviita

“Customer service is excellent, staff are always friendly, helpful and encourage return. The variety of the buffet menu is excellent and it is great that the menu is listed for the following day on the website. I enjoy the roasts.”
– Darren Room

“This is a little gem hidden in The University of Melbourne.”
– Ana Diaz

“Good place for lunch. I enjoy the atmosphere and friendly service at Graduate House. Very happy with most things.”
– Darren Room

“It was my birthday bash and I couldn’t have been made more welcome, I’ll be back but well before my next birthday.”
– Hector Gallagher

“I always enjoy my meal here, very nutritious food and excellent friendly service.”
– Marcia Roche

“The staff are pivotal. Always friendly and personal.”
– Heather Wheat

“Great to see gluten free marked and available. I have just renewed my membership and will visit more frequently.”
– Eva Ahern

“Enjoyable surroundings to meet and dine.”
– Dr J. K. Harcourt

“My guest and I enjoyed a most congenial atmosphere and range of food. Well done! Thanks Bill – you’re a winner.”
– Margaret Mayers

“Staff very friendly and competent.”
– B.F.B. Dance

“The staff and the cook are fabulous.”
– Elfrida Kiss

“The meal was excellent and we enjoy coming once a month. All staff are very polite”
– Marlies Johnson

“Top marks to the kitchen staff – Rob was a hard act to follow and Kris has done it. Good to see extra offerings (e.g. Diabetes & IT Series).”
– Anne Mulholland

“Pleasant and attentive staff. Good environment and enjoyable lunch – thank you.”
– Yvonne McCredie

Feedback Winners 2017

J.A. Mulholland
John Hasker
Barry Dance
Dr George Luk OAM
Jo Elvins
Pauline Henthorn
Margaret Mayers

Feedback Winners 2016

Marg Nicoll
Elizabeth Carvosso
John Johnston
Heather Kudeviita
Olive Hamilton
John Hasker
Pauline Henthorn

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