Tales from Self-isolation in Graduate House

Below is a continuing list of feedback, news and stories from our Residents, Members, staff and guests of Graduate House. We appreciate all your kind words and would love to keeping hearing from all of you during this strange and challenging time.

Resident Testimonials of Support

“I really appreciate all the efforts you have put into place to keep us safe.”

“Great, thanks to Dr Kerry and the entire Graduate House team for the extra caution and care towards our kids, really great.”
– from a parent of a Resident

“Thanks for your effort during these troubled times.”

“Thank you to the GH team for their dedication to supporting us!”

“It has been a very huge relief for us that GH is on top of things and constantly making attempts to make our lives easier in this crisis. Huge thanks to all the staff members for their constant efforts.”

There have been so many good changes implemented and the staff have all been so kind and working doubly hard during this period. I hope the staff remember to look after themselves as well while they take care of us.”

“Thanks for working hard to keep us all safe and healthy. We appreciate it.”

“Really appreciated the hard work by Kerry and all the staff members. We can fight through this together.”

“I sincerely appreciate Graduate House great efforts to keep residents safe and comfortable. My donation is nothing compared to what all of you have done.”
– Resident Member and donor to Graduate House COVID-19 Relief Fund

“My donation is the least that I could do to show my appreciation for the staff, and the patience with which they have been serving us. I haven’t been back home ever since I came to Melbourne last year, and I found a second home at Graduate House. What I miss the most about my home is home-cooked meals, and I am so grateful to be provided meals here on time, and not have to worry about stepping out of my room at all. The excellent hospitality has really helped me focus on writing my thesis. Thankyou!”
– Resident Member and donor to Graduate House COVID-19 Relief Fund

Members’ Testimonials of Support

“Thank you for your letter, Dr Bennett. I was especially taken by the reference to the Resident Members coping with the concerns of distance from their homes. Please pass on to them the very best wishes and compassion from me.”
– Graduate House Life Member

“My thanks to Graduate House CEO for this timely information, which covers most points applicable to this pandemic threat. I just hope the great staff you have at Graduate House are not distressed financially at this time, which I fear will stretch out for many months. . . . I hope everyone, myself included, survive this challenge. This advice will be followed by members, the more so after carefully reading your newsletter.”

“[This is] difficult times for Kerry and the staff. Can’t help feeling for the residents.”

“Dear Kerry, thank you for your message and the news that Graduate House is taking all possible measures to protect the residents and Staff. We miss all of you too and look forward to resumption of activities when all this is over.”

“Thank you Kerry for the calm, dispassionate, empathetic, intelligent, reassuring words and good advice not seen elsewhere, which all members, as well as residents should follow. Stay cool and well. Best wishes for avoidance of the virus to all staff and residents.”

“I fully support Graduate House action to stay open only to Residents. Thank you for your care. Best wishes to staff.”

“Dear Kerry, thank you for your heart warming and informative letter.  Take care in this troublesome time.”

“Thank you Kerry. Such a wonderful letter. All the best to Graduate House.”

“You are a wonderful CEO, Kerry and a positive credit to your organization. Thank you for your lovely letter”

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