Council Capability Matrix

Council resolved (July 2020) to adopt a new Council Capability Matrix.

The sections and self-rating questions in this new Council Capability Matrix are based on those recommended in: Beck, J. Board Skills: Building the right board retrieved 27June 2019 from

The Council Capability Matrix is seen as important for governance quality control, the recruitment and induction of new appointees to Council and the application of contemporary governance principles.

Each Council Member gives self-ratings of their competencies, skills and experience under four sections: (1) behavioural competencies; (2) industry knowledge/experience; (3) technical skills/experience; and (4) governance.

The self-ratings received are collated into the Council Capability Matrix for consideration by Council to ensure that the composition of Council is appropriate for the Association now and into the future.

Step 1 of 5

  • Behavioural competencies

  • no/minimal competencymoderate competencymaximum competency
    1. Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity
    2. Team player/collaborative
    3. Ability and willingness to challenge and probe
    4. Common sense and sound judgement
    5. Integrity and high ethical standards
    6. Mentoring abilities
    7. Interpersonal relations
    8. Listening skills
    9. Verbal communication skills
    10. Understanding of effective decision-making processes
    11. Willingness and ability to devote time and energy to the role