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World Habitat Day

4 October, 2021

In use since about 1755, the word habitat derives from the Latin habitāre, to inhabit, from habēre, to have or to hold. Human habitats are places where people live and where they can find all things that they need to survive. World Habitat Day is to reflect on the basic right of all humans to adequate shelter and on the collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat. Previous themes for this Day have included: shelter is my right (1986), shelter for the homeless (1987), women in urban governance (2000), cities without slums (2001), and cities and climate change (2011). On this Day, the Habitat Scroll of Honour award is presented to acknowledge initiatives in shelter provision, highlighting the plight of the homeless, leadership in post conflict reconstruction, and developing and improving human settlements and urban life quality. The theme of World Habitat Day and World Cities Day 2021 will be linked to Climate Change and Climate Action, the focus of the Resilient Settlements for the Urban Poor programme.


Image: World Habitat Day 2021