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World Frog Day

20 March, 2021

World Frog Day is an annual observance of the tailless amphibian. Created in 2009, the intent is to stem the extinction of many threatened species of frogs. In the past decade, approximately 170 species of frogs have vanished due to human activity and fungal infections. As frogs are particularly sensitive to their surroundings, the presence of frogs in an ecosystem is an indicator of a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem and environment. If their habitat were to become degraded or polluted, they are among the first to feel the impact. In Australia alone, there are an estimated 230 species of frogs, with at least 37 species listed as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable on the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation list. Activities to assist our croakers include conservation, habitat creation and reintroduction programmes.

Image: Frog