Vision and Mission

Graduate House_Front Side view

We are an association of graduates, a graduate residential college and a graduate meeting place.

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The Graduate Union is renowned as the pre-eminent Australian membership association of graduates of universities from around the world, living, meeting and learning within a vibrant and active collegium which advances education and its application for the good of society.


The Graduate Union brings together graduates from graduation and through post-graduate study, careers and retirement – in an active international membership network, residential college and meeting place for the socially responsible advancement and application of education.



The principal purpose of the Graduate Union is the advancement of education for the benefit of the community by:

  • providing high quality accommodation in Australia for graduates, in order to promote and foster:
  • post-graduate study, research and career development
  • learning, collegiality and collaboration between graduates for the benefit of the education, research, and not-for-profit sectors in Australia
  • providing meeting facilities and services in Australia for the academic, research and not-for-profit sectors
  • promoting and bringing together graduates through membership, so that educational, professional, cultural and social relations and networks are fostered and maintained, including by way of:
  • hosting networking functions, lectures and events in Australia
  • hosting and promoting lectures from members and guest lecturers
  • publication of a newsletter, magazine, blog or any other form of publication to support, develop and promote academic achievement following graduation
  • publication of a newsletter, magazine, blog or any other form of publication to support, develop and promote career development for graduates, and to support, develop and promote business achievements, volunteer work and beneficial work in the community by graduates
  • developing a community that otherwise supports and sustains:
  • academic, career and social experiences
  • lifelong sharing of knowledge and skills
  • educational outcomes for the wider public benefit



Values of our Members

  • collegiality
  • universal friendship
  • lifelong learning
  • social consciousness and responsibility
  • intellectual challenge and contribution
  • intercultural and interdisciplinary experiences

Values of our Association

  • responsibility, accountability
  • stewardship
  • contribution, performance
  • professionalism, integrity
  • transparency and ethics
  • welcome, encouragement
  • support, inclusion
  • respect for differences
  • integration with diversity
  • focus on strengths