Resident Member representation

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Council has decided to restrict governance meetings to just Council meetings and Finance and Audit subcommittee meetings at this time of crisis management.
Hence, the call for residents to be on subcommittees needs to be withdrawn at this stage.  We will put a call-out again to residents to be on subcommittees when regular meetings of all subcommittees resume.


Council (equivalent to a board) has five subcommittees: (1) Finance and Audit, (2) Governance and Nominations, (3) Membership and Marketing, (4) Buildings and Facilities and (5) Fundraising and Benefaction.

Each subcommittee is critical to the operation and growth of the Association, and has specific roles and responsibilities (see regulations 29 to 34 of the Association’s Regulations).

We invite Resident Members to submit applications to be appointed to these Council subcommittees – see form below.

Appointment to a subcommittee means a governance experience that will assist your career – both within and outside the university sector. It will provide insights into the decision-making process in complex organisations, and build confidence, critical thinking and skills in negotiation and strategic planning.

Resident Members are encouraged to apply or get in touch for more information. Your application to be appointed to one of the five subcommittees will be reviewed by Council and you will be informed of the results in a few weeks.

*We ask that Resident Members who hold positions on the Graduate House Student Group (GHSG) wait until after their tenure on GHSG before applying for subcommittee positions. This will ensure workload distribution, as well as equal opportunities, a distributed and more representative voice and involvement for all Resident Members of the Association. GHSG is an internal body comprised of Resident Members who organise social and networking activities. It has affiliation with The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Group (GSA) from which it receives funding.