LIM, Muan   BComm(Hon)(Melb)

Proposer — Gaetano (Tony) Pagone
Seconder — Rhys Watson

Muan Lim graduated with a B.Com (Hons) Melbourne University in 1977. Working with KPMG and PWC, Muan was accepted as an Associate of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

A 22-year veteran of HP, Muan has served many roles in Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Leasing. Muan set up the first joint venture leasing company in China, HP China Leasing and the first wholly owned manufacturing arm for China’s domestic PC and Server business, HP Shanghai. Muan had served as Finance Director Asia-Pacific, VP Supply Chain Asia-Pacific PSG, Global VP Finance and Remarketing.

Currently Muan chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for Asian Business and Economics, Advisory Board member of the Department of Management & Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), and lifetime member of the Chancellor’s Circle at the Melbourne University.

Muan has been appointed to Council and serves on the Benefaction and Finance and Audit sub-committees.

Current Council Status: Current Member of Council

Length of Continuous Membership of The Graduate Union: 2 years, 4 months

Explain how your key areas of expertise will contribute to Council.

I was trained as an economist, qualified as a Chartered Accountant. I served inter-alia at HP as Australasian Accounting Manager, Finance Director HPNZ, Finance Director HP Asia Pacific, VP Supply Chain Asia Pacific and Global VP Leasing, Chairman HP Bank Ireland.

Outline your view on the development and growth potential of The Graduate Union in the next three years.

The lifeblood of our community is new members. We need to retain our residents upon graduation House and to recruit graduates from all universities through activities that are of interest to them. Our activities must also be relevant to current members. We need to spend considerable thoughts as to how to attract the next generation of our existing members.

Outline your current involvement with The Graduate Union.

I have helped two residents with their CVs and coached them on their interviews. I am pleased they were successful. I currently serve on the Benefaction and Finance & Audit sub committees. I not also served on the Diamond Jubilee Ball sub-committee but also found some experienced marketing volunteers external to Graduate Union.

State your TWO greatest achievements of relevance to governance (e.g. as a member of a company board or The Graduate Union Council, as a contributor to your community).
Other than my professional achievements (for which I am grateful for the coaching and advice I received from my bosses), I was humbled by the appointment to the Advisory Board for the Department of Management and Marketing and to chair the Advisory Board of the Centre for Asian Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne.
List relevant industry and community-based experience.

Chartered Accountant KPMG, PWC
VP – Hewlett Packard.
Served two (2) five (5) year terms as an Independent Prison Visitor reporting to the Corrections Minister Victoria with a special focus on Asian inmates. This was particularly useful when there were a number of Indonesian sailors caught up with the boats issue.

List academic qualifications (year of award, awarding body and name of academic qualification awarded).

B. Com. Hons (1st class) University of Melbourne
Chartered Accountant
I am currently studying a Grad, Dip, Arts (Chinese) University of Melbourne.