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Honorary College Fellows


Professor Anne Steinemann

Professor Anne Steinemann is a Professor of Civil Engineering, and Chair of Sustainable Cities, at The University of Melbourne. She is internationally recognized for her research in areas of engineering and sustainability.

Professor Steinemann serves as adviser to governments and industries around the world, and has directed more than $24 million in competitive research funding. Her work has resulted in new federal and state legislation, agency policies, and industry practices.

Professor Steinemann has received the highest teaching awards at the college, university, and national levels. She has published over 55 peer-reviewed journal articles and two textbooks: Microeconomics for Public Decisions and Exposure Analysis. In addition to academic recognition, Professor Steinemann's research and journal articles have received significant international media coverage, spanning more than 1,000 major newspapers, magazines, and broadcast stations across six continents.

Professor Steinemann was made an Honorary College Fellow of The Graduate Union in 2017.

Professor Stephen Peterson

Professor Peterson developed and directed Harvard’s University Executive Education Program in Public Financial Management from 1986 to 2010. The Executive Education Program trained over one thousand five hundred senior government officials from forty seven countries, as well as officials from both international development agencies and non-government organisations.

During his time at Harvard University, Professor Peterson also taught public financial management in the Graduate program of the Kennedy School of Government.

Equipped with more than thirty years of experience in public financial management, financial management information systems, financial and administration decentralization, institutional development and project design and management, Professor Peterson has delivered public financial management training to the Polish and Philippines governments and additionally, designed a public financial management training program for the Zimbabwean Ministry of Finance.

He was a resident advisor for Kenya and Ethiopia for eight and twelve years respectively. In Ethiopia, he directed the reform of budgeting, accounting, disbursements, multi-year planning and financial information systems.

He is the author of the book, Administration not Management: How Ethiopia Reformed Public Expenditure – A Model for Developing Countries, and has drafted numerous peer-reviewed articles on public financial management and public sector reform.

Professor Peterson was made an Honorary College Fellow of The Graduate Union in 2017.


Professor Depei Wang

Professor Wang is the Chief Economist at Forecast Thinktank, Shanghai and Vice President of the China Society of Economic Reform. He is a Senior Consultant for local governments, large enterprises and over one thousand industry and government projects. His major works include: China Economy 2016, The Future of RMB, The 4th “Finance Big Bang” and Rebalance – the Chinese Ascendancy and the American Power.

Professor Wang was made an Honorary College Fellow of The Graduate Union in 2016 during his visit to Australia.