The 2017 annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne Incorporated will be held on Thursday, 25th May. Prior to this AGM, the Association holds an election of Members to Council, the governing body of the Association.

Notice of this election was released to all Members Entitled to Vote, and included a call for nominations for election to Council which closed Thursday, 16th March, 2017. This date also marked the close of submissions from Members to propose Motions for Special Resolution at annual General Meeting and to apply for ballot papers.

As a result of the call for nominations published in the January/February newsletter and on the website of The Graduate Union, five valid nominations have been received for three vacancies. A poll will therefore be held, with voting closing at 4.00PM on Friday, 19th May, 2017.

A voting paper, a small envelope marked ‘Voting Paper’ and an outer reply paid return addressed envelope, in which the small envelope containing the voting paper is to be placed, are all enclosed with the Melbourne Graduate and May Newsletter posted to all members. If you have not received them by the end of April, please contact The Graduate Union office immediately.

Candidates are listed here, and on the voting paper, in the order in which names were determined by lot in the presence of witnesses:

•    Asthana, Molina Swarup
•     Pagone, Gaetano (Tony)
•     Watson, Rhys Albert John
•     Cobbin, Phillip Edward
•     Green, John Michael

The personal statements for each candidate may be read by clicking on the names (links) above. These statements have been standardised only by listing the surname first, followed by given names (where a candidate is commonly known by a name other than their given name this will be shown in brackets after the given name), the listing of degrees and diplomas and the inclusion of the names of the proposer and seconder of the candidate. Additional web material, if provided, is shown below the statements.

An asterisk* indicates a retiring Council Member seeking re-election.

The three members elected in this poll will have terms expiring in May 2020.

Please see the on-line forms below for Members to:

This downloadable form is to request Non-inclusion on the Register of Members sent to other Members.

Download request

This downloadable form is to request that Notices and Publications are emailed rather than posted.

Download request

Register of Members - non-inclusion

From early in February to mid-March each year, Members may nominate for a position on Council. If the number of nominees is greater than the number of available positions, the Returning Officer will send to all Members voting papers and information about the candidates. Candidates may seek to send additional campaign material to all resident and non-resident Members of our Association. For this ‘proper purpose’ candidates may request access to the Register of Members to gain name and contact/address details. The Graduate Union is then obliged to provide election candidates with a copy of the Register of Members. If you do not want your name and contact details to be included in the copy of the Register of Members given to election candidates, please inform the CEO/Head of College of the Graduate Union in writing (post, facsimile, as an email attachment, through this on-line form or hand delivered). We will then ensure that the copy of the Register of Members given to the election candidate does not include your name and contact details. *** Please note that if you have requested previously non-inclusion of your name and contact details in the copies of the Register of Members provided to other Members please complete and return this form only if you require changes (e.g., you now prefer to have your name and contact details provided to other Members).
  • Mobile or landline. Include country and area codes.
  • Note

    The Graduate Union cannot and must not impede the democratic process of elections. If you tick the box above, you will still receive additional election campaign material if candidates ask this to be sent. However, this material will be sent from our offices and candidates will not receive your name and contact details from The Graduate Union.

Email receipt of Notices and Publications

You may elect to receive The Graduate Union notices and publications (“documents”) via email. Email communications reduce our costs for the printing of documents and envelopes, postage (nationally, internationally) and human resources. Our carbon footprint is also reduced. *** Please note that if you have registered previously for the receipt of notices and publications via email please complete and return this form only if you require changes (e.g., you now prefer the Melbourne Graduate to be emailed rather than posted).
  • Mobile or landline. Include country and area codes.
  • Please enter a 'back-up' email address (e.g., one that will be relatively constant should you change jobs, address, countries or personal assistants).
  • Terms

    Following receipt of your request The Graduate Union will no longer post paper documents to you as per the preferences above. All future documents will be sent to you through email as files attached to the email or made accessible through links to a page on The Graduate Union website. We ask that you regularly check your nominated email address for documents. You agree that you are deemed to have received the email and attached/linked documents when the email reaches your internet service provider whether or not you have opened or read the email, attachments or links. You agree that you will retain the email and documents yourself electronically or by printing them. You can withdraw your request for email delivery of documents at any time by writing to The Graduate Union via email, post or facsimile, or in person at the offices of The Graduate Union. Your request for email delivery of documents will be cancelled if you, or your authorised agent, requests cancellation. Upon withdrawal or cancellation of the email delivery service, The Graduate Union will commence sending paper documents to the last advised mailing address, unless otherwise instructed. You will be able to obtain a paper copy of documents on request. If The Graduate Union receives a bounce-back notification from your email address, paper documents will be sent to your last advised postal address unless otherwise instructed. If two or more consecutive bounce-backs occur The Graduate Union may cancel the request for email delivery of documents. An “out of office” notification will not be considered a bounce-back notification. If you change your email address please advise The Graduate Union in writing through email, post or facsimile, or in person at the Offices of The Graduate Union.
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