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Annual Appeal

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2017 Annual Appeal

Dear All,

The evolution of The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne since its establishment in 1911 is attributable to the philanthropic contribution of funds, buildings, bequests and time from a dynamic and generous Membership.

In 2015, the Association held its first annual appeal. One hundred percent of the donations received went to fund the installation of new furniture in our William Berry Wing terrace accommodation rooms. The result is an improved residential college living experience for our Resident Members, who have been most forthcoming in expressing their delight and gratitude.

In 2016, the appeal was to build our endowment reserves. Donations were put to a fund from which we have awarded scholarships, bursaries and other opportunities (e.g., attendance at the National Student Leadership Forum in Canberra) to our Resident Members. We thank everyone who showed a generosity of spirit and donated also to this appeal. You have enabled another (very thankful) graduate to progress and to achieve.

In 2017, our annual appeal shall be directed towards:

  • the purchase of new furniture for the Phillip Law Members’ Lounge; and
  • new carpet for the Members’ dining room.

Your donations will provide for re-carpeting and the replacement of lounges, tub chairs and small tables in this vibrant meeting and socialising space and thoroughfare.

We thus invite you to support our 2017 Annual Appeal by giving a donation. Your gift will help us to rejuvenate these popular and much loved spaces, one of which was named to honour a benevolent bequest from intrepid Antarctic explorer Dr Phillip Law AC AO CBE (1912 – 2010).

Please feel free to call our offices to learn how we can acknowledge your tax-deductible gift or bequest in a way that is suitable for you, your loved ones and your legacy.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Ken V Loughnan AO (President)                                        Mr Rhys Watson (Chair of Council)


Other Donations

We have a range of pathways available for donors to direct funds according to a specific purpose, such as:

The Buildings – upkeep and additions to The William Berry Wing, The Main Building or The Stella Langford Wing. 2017 marks the Diamond Jubilee of Graduate House. Our Diamond Jubilee Campaign will be launched later in 2017 and will appeal for funding from Government, Philanthropy, Corporates and Members for an exciting state of the art development. Further details coming soon.

Resident Members – scholarships (endowments), awards, prizes, excursions, function and financial assistance to those residents in financial difficulty;

Non-Resident Members – career development, fellowships, awards, prizes and financial assistance to those non-residents in financial difficulty;

Gifts with Naming Rights – a gift of perpetuity under a family or company name. Options include:

  • for a space within The Graduate Union (room, car park, corridor, floor, building);
  • for a scholarship or an award to a resident or non-resident member;
  • for a recognition of excellence award for a resident or non-resident member; and
  • for career support and retirement development of in-career and retirement members.

Sponsorship – There are options available to sponsor Graduate Union Collegiate activities, such as:

  • Monthly Luncheons – (x10 per year);
  • Professional development for Resident and in-career Members;
  • Member Excursions and social functions; and
  • Research talks and cultural dinners.

Bequests – Your bequest will assist us to continue providing high quality affordable college accommodation for post-graduate students and researchers from all over the world. Such an endowment will help to provide more funding, networking and career opportunities for graduates at all life stages.

Graduate House is where you reside and meet other graduates. The Graduate Union is an international association. In our House and across our Union, we aim to acknowledge the privilege of education by working wisely and carefully together across cultures, disciplines and life stages as a collegium of graduates in the best interests of our global society. Your stay here – be it one night or several years – will be unique. It marks the beginning, or continuation, of a lifelong involvement with our vibrant network of graduates. We encourage Residents and Members to be active influencers and create and use opportunities for sharing, learning and giving.

Dr Kerry Bennett, CEO/Head of College


Our 2016 Annual Appeal had over 100 donors who have collectively built on our current scholarship, fellowship and awards program for Members enrolled in post-graduate study or those advancing careers through accredited professional development courses.

High Contributors

We would like to thank especially those who donated $1,000 or more in our 2016 Annual Appeal. These donors have their names engraved on our Donors Thank You Board at Graduate House.

Judith Kefford
Anne & James Mulholland
Alan Bell
Josie Blyton
George & Connie Markou
Edward Miller
David Sparks

All others

Our gratitude is extended also to all other donors whose gifts, regardless of how big or small, have contributed to the betterment of our Union and our House.

Other generous 2016 Benefactors

Joan Ansell
Peter Ashton
Leonard Bailey
Michael Barden
Deirdre Barnett
Marja Berclouw
Ruth Bishop
Marcus Bogdan
Michael Bolam
David Bottomley
Gweneth Bowles
John Brearley
Desmond & Ruth Bright
Douglas Brooke
Clive Brookes
Leona Brust
Nancy Burns
Elizabeth Butt OAM
Kathleen Cameron
Paul Carlin
Allan Casey
Andrea Casey
Diana Cherry
Sean Chua
Yvonne Clarke
John Cleeland
Cecily Close
Wendy Cobcroft
Ewan Colson
Stuart Colvin
Roger Cook
Lloyd Davies
Arthur Day
Margaret Dean
Edward Dickinson
Graeme Duke
Patricia Elvins
Kurt Eppinger
Deirdre Farrell
Francesca Folk-Scolaro
Frank Ford
Olwen Ford
Robert French AC
Elizabeth Shaw
Gwendolynn Gage
Elisabeth Giddy
George Goode
Elsie Graham
Phyllis Grave
John Green
Olive Hamilton
Richard Harcourt
John Harcourt
Roy Hardcastle AO
June Harvey
Berise Heasly
John Herrin
Brian Howe
Anthony Hunt
Christine Iseli
Betty Keay
Mary Kelleher
Frances Kelly
Zoltan Kiss
Brian Krahnert
John Landy AC CVO MBE
Kenneth Lee
Frank Lees AM MBE
Sharon Lierse
Leonard Lloyd
Sheila Loudon
Richard Manuell
Lynette Martin
Mary Maslen
Kenneth Mawson OAM
Desma Mcdonald
Callum McNair
Philip Moss
Edward Muntz
Alan Noble
Jennifer Pan
Donald Pemberton
Judith Price
Katie Price
Ian Proctor
Joanna Pyper
Peter Rendit
Robert Richards
Keith Richards OAM
Ronald Ritchie
David Robson
James Rowan
Margaret Sawyer
Ann Scott
Wendy Seng Hpa
Elizabeth Sevior
Frank Shaw
Peter Sholl
Julian Sindram
John Skuja
Richard Southby
Max Stephens
Gillian Stevens
Bethia Stevenson
Kevin Stevenson AM
John Stillwell
Rodney Taft
Bernadette Taylor
Margaret Toomey
Barbara Tynan
Geoffrey Vaughan AO
Ben Wadham
Joy Wellings
Peter Wetherall
Mark Worsnop
Kenneth Wu


Our inaugural 2015 Annual Appeal had over 100 donors and raised much needed funds for new furniture in the terrace residential rooms.

High Contributors

We would like to thank especially those who donated $1,000 or more in our 2015 Annual Appeal. These donors have their names engraved on our Donors Thank You Board at Graduate House.

Desma McDonald
Eric Gilford
Edward Dickinson
Prue and David Sparks
Ben Wadham
Anne and James Mulholland
Nancy Price

All others

Our gratitude is extended also to all other donors whose gifts, regardless of how big or small, have contributed to the betterment of our Union and our House.

Other generous 2015 Benefactors

Joan Ansell
Stanton Archer
Peter Ashton
Michael Barden
Alan Bell
Marja Berclouw
Geoffrey Bishop
Kaspars Bitans
Michael Bolam
Gweneth Mable Bowles
Desmond and Ruth Bright
Clive Hele Brookes
Thomas Brown
John Burns
Nancy Burns
Elizabeth Butt OAM
Paul Carlin
Dorothy Carroll
Elizabeth Carvosso
Diana Cherry
Richard Stephen Cherry
Ewan Russel Colson
Grietje Croll
Lloyd Davies
John Dawborn
Arthur Day
Betna Dryden
Graeme Ivallan Duke
Kurt Eppinger
Professor Joseph Epstein
Eric Ford
Frank Ford
Francis Wilson Goding
George Goode
Brendan Grabau
Wendy Graham
Beryl Green
John and Diana Green
Kay Gulenc
Olive Hamilton
Richard David Harcourt
Roy Hardcastle
Marian Hill
Wendy Seng Hpa
Frank Jones
Michael Jones
Janet Gwendoline
Kay Mary Kelleher
Helen Keneley
Brian Krahnert
David De Krester
John Landy
Philip Garth Law
David Lea
Sharon Lierse
Helen Lloyd
Margaret Loudon
Richard William Manuell
George Connie Markou
Lynette Frances Martin
Mary Maslen
Kenneth C Mawson
Margaret Mya
Frances Mayers
Edward Muntz
Roy Bruce Nichols
Alan Noble
Donald Pemberton
Marinis Pirpiris
Joan Mary Pretty
Judith Price
Joanna Pyper
Joyce Richards
Ron Ritchie
John Heath Roberts
James Rowan
Keith Ryall
Brain Salter-Duke
Elizabeth Sevior
Peter Sholl
John Skuja
Walter Stephens
Bethia Stevenson
John Stillwell
Eric Stokes
Rodney Taft
Bernadette Taylor
Margaret Toomey
Ian Tyler
Geoffrey Vaughan AO
John Vernon
Geoff Walls
Rhys Watson
Brian Webb
Joy Gladys Wellings
David Westmore
Peter Wetherall
Jennifer Woods
Mark Worsnop

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