I am delighted that our residents have taken the initiative to support the HeForShe Campaign for Gender Equality.

As an Association of Graduates, the very fabric of our Graduate Union is to be egalitarian and inclusive. We are a gender inclusive association where women and men from around the world join together to learn and use education for the good of our societies. As Graduates we reflect on the importance of learning, leadership and teaching others.

We have an opportunity to work together to be advocates for change for gender equality. The promotion of gender equality in our communities is an important expression of our respect for all of humanity. It is essential that girls and women are treated as equals, with respect and given equal opportunity.

I commend to you the initiative of the He For She Campaign in support of gender equality and strongly encourage you to join with fellow residents to ensure we make a difference so gender equality becomes reality.

Best wishes for every success with the campaign.

Learn more about the HeForShe campaign at Graduate House and get involved today!

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