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Accessible. Intuitive. Easy to use. 

An ongoing mission of the Graduate Union has been keeping our organisation modern. Over the past five years, we have been dedicated to improving our digital presence through social media outlets and website maintenance. Our social media posts – through Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube – give our Members, online followers and anyone passing by, the opportunity to learn about our association, see upcoming events and gain insight into graduate disciplines. Continuing this mission, we are proud to present our brand new, beautifully designed website.

Members and guests ought to know that the new website offers a number of intuitive features, ensuring your online visit is as informative as possible. Firstly, those applying for membership, accommodation, Dining Room reservations or meeting services can now use our online form system instead of contacting us directly. This means feedback and requests are processed much more efficiently, with increased accessibility to our services. Service payments can also be handled online, streamlining your membership and booking process.

Another fantastic feature is the online calendar, which updates daily on upcoming events and important events. Its intuitive design allows you to ‘follow’ an event by inputting your email. Following an event means you will be automatically informed when that event is updated, and send you a reminder when the event draws near.

Our information is presented in such a way that looks good and is more informative than the old format. Scholarships and bursaries for example, each have their own page listing eligibility and availability. Our history is conveyed both as a timeline of events and as a list of our former presidents – who are now listed alongside their photo. What is more, we now have specific pages for publications – meaning Members and guests can read Newsletters and Melbourne Graduates online. We also have a brand new blog where useful pieces of information, Member stories and university sector news is updated frequently.

These are just some of the features that make this new website so fantastic. We encourage everyone to explore, click on everything, learn all you can and enjoy this innovative development in the Graduate Union’s history.


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