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During your stay at Graduate House, consider joining the Resident Member Committee (RMC). You can be a part of advancing the feeling of collegiality and being a voice for the Resident Members at Graduate House.

Resident Member Committee

The Resident Member Committee (RMC) meets regularly to discuss residency matters, compiles reports for use by staff and the Council committees, and receives and distributes communications to all Resident Members.

The RMC comprises the Resident Member representatives on Council committees and subcommittees, the Duty Residents and representatives from the Graduate House Student Group (GHSG).

Meeting dates are shown in the annual calendar, with the first of four scheduled for late-January each year.

To view the Resident Member Committee of 2019, click here.

Resident Member representation on subcommittees of Council

Council, the governing body of The Graduate Union, delegates responsibilities to six subcommittees:

  • Buildings and Facilities;
  • Finance and Audit;
  • Fundraising and Benefactions;
  • Governance and Nominations;
  • Membership and Marketing; and
  • Remuneration.

Each year, Residents Members are appointed to all subcommittees except the Remuneration subcommittee. With terms ranging from one to three years, these voluntary positions provide valuable experience in governance and a good line on the resume. If interested in being a subcommittee member:

Graduate House Student Group

The Graduate House Student Group (GHSG) began in 2014 and is a constituted affiliated member of the Graduate Student Association of The University of Melbourne (GSA).

This affiliation brings benefits to GHSG, including opportunities to network with other post-graduate student groups, to apply for funding, to provide representation of postgraduate matters and to gain training.

The GHSG is a vital component of our overall house and membership and is convened by the Resident Members for the Resident Members, primarily to organise social activities for the Resident Members.

The GHSG committee is composed of Resident Members in positions that include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Environment and Social Justice Coordinator, Sports Coordinator, Publicity Coordinator and Annual Ball Coordinator. The committee welcomes your input and many projects to which you could contribute.

The GHSG committee has a succession process to ensure its continuation with the ever-changing population of Graduate House. If you are interested in becoming a committee member or in giving your support for other college initiatives, get in touch. Details are in the newsletter and on in-house flyers. To view the GHSG constitution, click here.

Members of the Graduate House Student Group


President — Hema Preethi

Vice President — David Mussoff

Treasurer — Ahmed Muhammad Mossavir

Secretary — Mugdh Setia

Sports Coordinator — Radhika Agarwal

Events Coordinator — Mohammad Faraz Khalid

Publicity — Merium Kazmi



President — Hema Preethi

Vice President — David Mussoff


President — Nouman Daud Sharif

Vice President — Amer Shanbour

Treasurer — Sufian Alimdanat

Secretary — Juan Juan Wu

Sport Coordinator — Avi Gandhi

Events Coordinator — Mehak Masood

President — Riyan Stephan, Nouman Daud Sharif 

Vice President —Amer Shanbour

Treasurer — Prakhar Bhargava, Sufian Alimdanat 

Secretary— Juanjuan Wu

Events Coordinator — Melissa Kennedy, Nouman Daud Sharif

President — Pravin Siriwardena, Riyan Stephan

Vice President — David Allinson, Kimberley Auyong

Treasurer — Bingqiao (Abby) Chen, Prakhar Bhargava

Secretary — Parisa Shiran, Rhea Kunwar

Co-President — Candice Tan, Abraham Arief

Vice President — David Allinson

Secretary — Bernice Carrick

Treasurer — Tessa Satherley

Graphic Designer — Wai Kin Tsui

Publicity Coordinator — Liliana Bray

Environment and Social Justice — Oliver Lovell

Events Coordinator — Tracey Lin, Dennis Danipog, Nicolas Wang, Roberta Grant, Riyan John Stephan

President — Annelies Van De Ven

Vice President — Jai Chen

Treasurer — Rebecca Young

Secretaries — Sophie Clark, Tessa Satherley

Events Coordinator — Mattias Björnmalm

Sports Coordinator — Tim Everson

Publicity Coordinator — Candice Tan

Working Party

Resident Members on working parties, will assist in providing feedback and suggestions for our Diamond Jubilee Campaign and Crowdfunding platform — Fund Lifelong Learning.

To be involved, or for more information on the two working parties, click on the links below:

Duty Residents

Duty Residents are also Resident Members who assist others living in the college during non-core business hours (from 7:00pm to 7:30am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday).

New residents who arrive in the evenings or on weekends are shown to their rooms and given a brief tour of the facility by the Duty Resident rostered on at that time.

Duty Residents aim also to make all residents feel welcomed and included in college life. The Duty Resident roster rotates weekly. The roster is shown on the notice board to the left of Reception. The rostered Duty Resident may be contacted by mobile phone, by pressing the external intercoms and from the wall phone at reception (the M3 button).

Being on the Resident Member Committee gives Resident Members many opportunities to develop their management and decision-making skills, increase their networks as well as helping fellow Resident Members improve their stay at Graduate House.