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Social Media

Many newcomers to Graduate House learn about our services through our website and social media platforms. The website, our virtual ‘front door’ informs site visitors about our organisation, college accommodation, meeting services, schedule of our events and the many benefits of being a Member of our association. Meanwhile, our social media channels keep our Members informed and connected outside of Graduate House. Click on the logos below to be transported!

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Our Graduate House Facebook page reports on the current happenings within Graduate House – from information on coming and past events, graduate profiles and testimonials, to photos, editorial excerpts and links of note. Our page provides a glimpse of life from Graduate House, simultaneously promoting our offerings. It is tailored to engage our current Residents and Members.
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Our Twitter account serves dual purposes. Firstly to share information from Graduate House, as well as sharing the information that represents our objectives. Secondly, we also connect with our guests, reciprocal associations, sponsors, and entities and individuals who align with Graduate House thinking, thereby engaging and expanding our online network.
Our YouTube account focuses on sharing the latest videos from our many speakers from our events such as monthly luncheons, college tables and lectures. This content is aimed at all – Residents, Members and the general public, and provides an audio-visual understanding of the educational aims and ideas of Graduate House.
Our Linkedin account reports on Graduate House events and functions, showcasing the many great guests that we have. This content is tailored more towards potential sponsors and reciprocal associations.
Our Instagram account also reports on the events and current happenings within Graduate House, but in a more visual way, with photographs in and around Graduate House.