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Words, David Allinson

As I finish my fourth and final week in Kununurra my work remained interesting and challenging to the last day of my placement. I assisted with the generation of a Code of Conduct for the board of directors and another for the staff, and conducted consultation with some traditional owners in relation to a minerals exploration agreement with the help of one of the Community Liaison Officers. As with everything else I have helped with at MG Corporation, the diversity of skills needed always surprised me.

Kununurra Western AustraliaI was lucky enough last weekend to be taken out to Home Valley, a ranch 90 minutes’ drive outside of Kununurra. Really quiet and 150 kilometers from anywhere. There was no one there so I was able to get the ‘cook’s tour’. It was beautiful, and everything you need is there: bore water, solar power, and two swimming pools. The views out over the river and from the lookouts over the surrounding valley were absolutely stunning. It was also quite sad to attend my final trivia night at the Kununurra Hotel, my last night helping at the Soberup Shelter, and my last trip up Kelly’s Knob. On Wednesday the town was hit by a huge storm. Once it had passed I drove out to Molly Springs where the falls were flowing. Due to some oddity of nature, and despite the fact that I was in the middle of the Australian outback, there were two peacocks also enjoying the water hole! Escapees, perhaps, from a nearby farm. My time here has been unforgettable, and I hope to be able to come back soon.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped make my time here possible, and so rewarding. All the staff at Graduate House, MG Corporation, and the Aurora Project have been so supportive and I thank them.

This is the final entry from David’s journal. You can also read Part One, Two and Three.

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