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“Self Awareness + Opportunity Awareness = Employment Success,” says Agnes Banyasz, career strategist and director at CorpReach, her owned and operated career advisory practice. The most important thing for every job seeker is to be aware of their strengths, and of course, weaknesses, and be able to match those strengths to the needs and expectations of the employer and labour market, she explained.

This is just some of the invaluable career advice that Agnes has to offer graduates and those in the early stages of their careers through her Career Roundtables that she will host at Graduate House next year.

Neither a lecture nor a presentation, her roundtables are safe and risk-free open forums to exchange ideas, share information and form valuable connections with other like minded individuals, through the mediation of a careers expert. These sessions provide a collegiate environment where career building and communication strategies can be tested and practised before participants take them ‘out’ into real life.

“Career Roundtables — as the name suggests — are facilitated career conversations where all participants sit around a table and discuss career Resident News “The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent’.” — Alfred Brendel (1931 -) related topics that are most important for them,” explained Agnes.

These sessions ran for more than five years at The University of Melbourne, where Agnes spearheaded the first faculty-based careers centre that offered a full-range of customised career programs and services for business students and alumni.

“These roundtables are a proven formula, having fared strongly in the past. Feedback from University of Melbourne business students and graduates who have previously participated in these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive,” explained Agnes.

“They liked the format, enjoyed the collegiate atmosphere, appreciated that all questions and concerns were addressed and valued the sharing of knowledge and experiences that came from different levels and industry sectors,” she added.

This kind of advice and environment is also what those who engage with Agnes’ practice, CorpReach, will also experience. The services offered to students, professionals and even organizations range from career consultations, interview preparation, CV reviews to developing strong intercultural communication and effective meeting skills.

While some people love their work, others display apparent indifference and dislike. Agnes aims to assist the people feeling the latter so that they too can achieve contentment and enjoyment from their careers. “I was always interested in how people make choices and career decisions and how life events influence these,” said Agnes.

Agnes’ own story displays the variation that most career journeys can take in a lifetime. After completing her MA in languages and literature with a minor in educational psychology, as well as a DipEd in secondary teaching at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, she began to amass the knowledge imperative to be strategic and in-tune with students’ needs.

She then ventured to Melbourne where she found herself navigating in a new and unmapped professional landscape without established networks, mentors or advisors — a place that some of us will have no doubt also experienced. But for her, hard work, curiosity and an open mind are some of the most important things that helped her progress her career.

“I worked hard and tried to excel in whatever I was doing thus matching aptitude with the right attitude. I am a very curious person, always want to look beyond the surface, understand the context and get new knowledge and skills,” Agnes said.

She also maintains professional membership to key local and international associations such as Career Development Association of Australia, Career Industry Council of Australia and more. “I have participated in conferences all over world, and this connectedness to local and international best practice principles allows me to build strong and rewarding relationships with my colleagues and clients,” she added.

“Every individual has a unique career story,” said Agnes. “People need more than information and advice. People need a career strategy that takes them towards their desired goals and destinations. I meet all my clients at their current career junction and help them to realise these career goals.”

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